Carolina prepares for heavy winds, rough waves and rain dumps from Caribbean storms

a Caribbean weather disturbances It could bring “strong winds, heavy rain, rough waves and coastal erosion” to much of the southeastern U.S. coast next week. National Hurricane Center Officials warned on Saturday.

At 8pm on Saturday the system was dumping Disorganized showers and thunderstorms Heavy rain was expected to pass through the northeastern Caribbean and hit Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands through Sunday, according to a National Hurricane Center bulletin.

The system could intensify into a subtropical or tropical cyclone early in the week as the storm moves west-northwest across the Southwest Atlantic, according to a National Hurricane Center bulletin.

Saturday night, the National Hurricane Center 5-day chance of storm intensification Raise the coast to 80%.

Officials from the National Hurricane Center said in a bulletin that flooding, strong winds, rain and waves are expected in coastal areas, even if the disturbance doesn’t escalate into tropical or subtropical storms.Hurricane Center officials say the risk of these weather threats increased on Saturday

“While too early to decide the timingspecific impact magnitudes and locations, and concerns along the southeastern U.S. coast, the east coast of Florida, and the Bahamas, should monitor the progress of this system,” the National Hurricane Center repeated in a tweet at 8 p.m. was

The center issued the same warning on Saturday afternoon.

Andrew Kimball, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Greer, South Carolina, told the Charlotte Observer Saturday morning that rain from this system could reach the coast and west into the Charlotte area as early as Thursday. Said it could be done.

Other weather models point to Friday as the arrival date, he said.

What is certain is that Carolina will see rain coming from the system, with the heaviest band expected on the coast.

In the Triangle, the NWS forecast calls for sunny and warm conditions through Tuesday before temperatures return to near-normal on Wednesday. According to the NWS, the first real chance of precipitation in the Triangle is Thursday.

But much of eastern North Carolina should expect “strong land winds…with marine hazards and mild to moderate coastal impact” when the storm front arrives, says the National Weather Service. meteorologist said on Twitter Saturday morning.

Storm surge flooding is a major concern from storms in South Carolina. State Climate Office “It is moving toward or near the southeast, whether dealing with a tropical storm or a non-tropical gale center,” Friday’s bulletin said.

Charlotte Rock Hill Weather Forecast

Independent of the Caribbean storm threat, the Charlotte region faced the prospect of: Severe thunderstorms possible until Saturday night.

A meteorologist at the NWS Greer office said in a dangerous weather forecast bulletin at 2:30 p.m.

Parts of northern South Carolina and the Carolina Mountains were also threatened.

rear 50% chance of showers Saturday and Sunday, Charlotte will remain clear to mostly clear until clouds from a Caribbean storm enter the region late Wednesday, the NWS Charlotte forecast at 8 p.m. Saturday showed.

Thursday will be mostly cloudy, with a 40% chance of showers late Thursday and a 50% chance of showers throughout Friday.

The NWS predicts Charlotte’s highs for the week from 77 on Sunday, 78 on Monday, 68 on Tuesday, 63 on Wednesday, 65 on Thursday, 69 on Friday and 59 on Saturday. is expected to bounce through

in rock hill 40% chance of showers NWS meteorologists say Thursday night and Friday have a 50% chance of hitting highs of 66 degrees and 71 degrees respectively.

Highs in Rock Hill on Saturday are forecast to plummet to 60 degrees under mostly clear skies.

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