Casey White reveals what he and his prison guard lover did during the running 11 days

Lauderdale County

Lauderdale County

Casey WhiteDangerous murder prisoner Bolted from his prison officer and Alabama prisonTells the detective that his lovers spend most of their time trapped in cheap Indiana motels running and planning where to go next.

Casey White, 38, Assistant Director of Lauderdale County Vicky whiteWas 56 Captured Monday night after a dramatic police chase in Evansville, IndianaOnly 5 hours drive from Florence Prison, where they abstained 11 days ago.

The pair first ran 100 miles north of Tennessee, where they abandoned Vicky’s rusty Ford Edge and switched to a black Ford pickup truck heading further north. The truck was discovered on May 3, four days after it fled, and was abandoned in a car wash 200 miles north of Evansville. According to police, a car wash surveillance video found Casey White jumping on a gray Cadillac and a sharp-eyed police officer parked outside Motel 41 in Evansville on Monday.

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Police officers lay down waiting for the pair to leave the motel, and the chase began when they finally left on Monday afternoon. When police approached, Vicky White shot himself deadly, but when Cadillac crashed, Casey White surrendered without incident, officials said.

A coroner needs to confirm that she died of suicide, but Vicky was found with a gun in her hand.She also called 911 in the middle of her chase and said she had a gun on her head, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding. Told to CNN..

The wedding, which included Evansville in the county, seemed unbelievable that the fugitives decided to camp out in a small city of 110,000 people along the Ohio River.

“6 days later [since the car wash sighting] I couldn’t believe they were here. I don’t think anyone on the run will stay in a community like Evansville for six days, “he said at a briefing on Tuesday morning.

A runaway guard committed suicide when a policeman chased her and a prisoner

He then stated that the detective had interviewed Casey White. Casey White said he was going into a shootout with law enforcement agencies, but was in trouble when Cadillac hit a ditch in the grass and was attacked by police.

According to the wedding, White also explained that they spent time running and what their plans were.

“He was just trying to find a place to hide and lie low, and they thought they would stop for a while, straighten their direction, and drive long enough to find a place to travel next.” Said.

According to the wedding, the pair was paying for a 14-day stay at Motel 41. This is a $ 50 per night joint that includes a compelling online review of bedbugs and moldy walls.

“They said they were trying to figure out where they could go and get away from the public eye,” he added.

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Police will display a photo of the weapon found after the pair was captured.

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Police will display a photo of the weapon found after the pair was captured.

YouTube / Global News

Police officers found multiple red and blonde wigs used as camouflage, a stack of guns and $ 29,000 in cash. They reportedly blew away the money as Vicky White withdrew $ 90,000 in cash, the income from selling her home, before she fled. The pair legally bought a Ford pickup truck, but it’s unclear how they got the Cadillac, Wedding said.

“Their plans were pretty incomplete,” Wedding said. “They are criminals, their plans are wrong and they have failed. Thank God.”

Casey White will be handed over to Alabama under close security during private hours on Tuesday. In an interview with the detective, he did not express his regrets or reveal why Vicky shot himself. He also didn’t seem to have brainwashed her into her plans.

“He didn’t force her, it was a reciprocal relationship,” the wedding said.

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