Cash, hard drive, passport hidden in Amanda Todd’s blackmail suspect’s house: officer

Dutch police officials say they found cash, a passport, and a hard drive hidden in a stereo at a man’s house accused of blackmailing British Columbia teenager Amanda Todd.

Erik Verstraten said he found € 10,000 in cash and a man’s passport in a trial in the BC Supreme Court of Aydin Coban while searching for a house near the Dutch city of Tilburg in January 2014.

Coban was acquitted of extortion, harassment, communication with young people to commit sexual crimes, and possession of child pornography.

At the jury trial, Verstraten found the item after opening the box of the stereo system and noticed that the speakers were still wrapped in plastic, but the stereo itself wasn’t, so I thought it was strange.

He says he disassembled the stereo and found the item in a box wrapped in tape.

At the start of last week’s trial, prosecutor Louise Kenworthy continued online “sectioning” from November 2009 to February 2012, before Todd died in October of that year at the age of 15. He told the court that he was a victim of a naive campaign.

She uses more than 20 usernames to contact a teenager in Port Coquitram, showing that she has exposed breasts unless she has sex in front of a webcam. Said threatened to send to friends and family.

According to Kenworthy, Crown will present evidence that the account is operated by Coban and will call witnesses, including RCMP officers who have examined the contents of computers and hard drives seized from Coban’s home. Are expected.

During Verstraten’s testimony on Tuesday, the jury saw a photo taken inside a bungalow showing a kitchen counter littered with unwashed dishes and a bedroom littered with boxes and clothing. Some photos show an acoustic guitar lying under the bed and a pouch with more cash.

Canadian press