Cawthorn provokes anger after using the phrase “earthen vessel” in an anti-abortion speech


Madison Corthorn

Madison Corthorn Bill Clark-Pool / Getty Images

Congressman Madison Corthorn (RN.C.) fired after commenting on the abortion in a housefloor speech on Friday. Daily Kos Report..

26-year-old Protramp — with a history of inflammatory rhetoric Accused A number of college classmates with sexual harassment — a thought experiment comparing an aborted foetation with a picture of a polaroid torn before it was fully developed.

This analogy is borrowed from an anti-abortion activist Seth Gruber,prompt HuffPost Writer Sarah Boboltz writes a pen piece “Madison Corthorn thinks your pregnancy is polaroid, sunset or something,” he headlined.

Kothorn’s next argument caused further anger. “Our creator’s precious work is formed, dismembered, and dies before it comes to life,” he said. “The eternal souls woven into earthen vessels sanctified by the Almighty God and endowed with the miracle of life have been denied their birth.” Author, Diplomat, Dr. Jennifer Cassidy of Oxford University Tweeted a clip of Cassidy’s remarks, which quickly became a hot topic.Inside her directorCassidy wrote that Corthorn compared American women to earthenware.

Several other twitter user I agreed In her interpretation.

However, this interpretation is difficult to match with the context of the passage of the Bible that Corthorn hinted at. He seems to have quoted two Corinthian letters. This is an early Christian letter commonly attributed to the apostle Paul. In the New King James Version, reading, “It was God who commanded us to shed light from the darkness, and we lit our hearts to give the light of God’s glorious knowledge before Jesus Christ. But we are of the earth. I have this treasure in my vessel, that the excellence of power may belong to God, not us. “

Paul does not include himself as one of the “earthen vessels”, so this term cannot only refer to women.Many Bibles Scholar See it as a reference to body Humans have. With this interpretation in mind, voice evangelical Christian Corthorn seems to have used an “earthen vessel” to refer to the body of the fetal rather than the body of the mother.

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