CBC’s “Regret” article blows up Alberta lawmakers after ombudsman review


The CBC “regrets” an article accusing Conservative Rachel Harder of sharing “wrong information” after posting a Toronto Sun column on social media about the death of COVID-19 in Alberta. I have. “

Harder Commentary on Toronto Sun On her public Facebook page in November 2020. This article described the number of COVID-19 deaths in Alberta compared to patients in existing health.

“Ten. This is the number of healthy people who have died of COVID-19 in Alberta since the beginning of the pandemic,” read the opening sentence of Sun’s article published on November 17, 2020. is.

Harder did not include her own comments when sharing posts on Facebook.

NS CBC News ArticlesCBC reporter Brian Rabbie was released on November 25, last year under the original title, “The Lethbridge MP was fired to disseminate” false information “about COVID deaths in Alberta.” She shows a lack of compassion and empathy for everyone who died of the disease. “

Harder complained to CBC Ombudsman Jack Nagler, claiming that the article violated the standards and practices of public broadcast journalism and was “bent, inaccurate, and sensational.”

In response to Harder’s complaint, Nagler said In the statement When dealing with anger-based stories about social media posts, “It can be difficult to assess whether an angry tweet reflects a greater consensus, and knowing if social media anger is genuine. Can be difficult. “

“There was a policy breach and I’m eager for programmers to learn from the mistakes here,” he said, saying the entire article was “defective.”

Nagler also acknowledged that the statistics in Sun’s article were accurate.

Helen Henderson, senior director of CBC Calgary, said he agreed that Rabbie’s article “did not meet CBC’s journalism standards,” according to Nagler.

“This work was far from what we consider to be acceptable,” Henderson said in a statement by Nagler.

“I’m sorry we didn’t live up to the expectations of us and our audience on CBC News.”

CBC Calgary then updated the article to reflect Harder’s view and contextualize some of the reactions to Facebook posts. This includes changing the headline of the article.

On September 22nd, Harder posted on his Facebook page. Toronto sun article About the controversy titled “CBC Calgary regrets” manufactured “articles blaming Alberta lawmakers.”

Harder was re-elected for the third term in Lethbridge, Alberta in the 2021 federal election, winning 55.7% of the votes.

Andrew Chen


Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.