CBSA detainee dies in custody on Christmas Day in Surrey, British Columbia

A border official said: detainee He died at an immigration detention center in Surrey, British Columbia after being found unresponsive on Christmas Day.

The Canadian Border Services Agency said in a statement that a first responder was called to the center and staff were attempting to resuscitate him.

But it’s “all efforts to revive detainee It was not successful,” and was pronounced dead by first responders.

It is said that close relatives have been contacted, but their identities will not be revealed for privacy reasons.

The statement said the Surrey RCMP and the BC coroner were “involved” after the detainee’s death, CBSAMore Custody.

it says CBSAMore We also investigate incidents.

“The health and safety of those in our care is of utmost importance to us. CBSAMoreWe take this responsibility very seriously.”

canadian press