CDC considering changing mask guidelines


Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are considering whether to revive mask guidance, even for people who are fully vaccinated in public.

“This is being actively considered,” Forch told CNN anchor Jake Tapper when asked if he should bring his mask home for vaccinated Americans.

Tapper was quoting CNN reportThe Biden administration’s Supreme Health Authority said it was in a “preliminary conversation” on whether to encourage vaccinated people to wear masks again in public.The Washington Post report “We’re in the preliminary stages, and the results may be as simple as a new message from the White House executives,” he said.

The reported conversations are caused by the prevalence of highly contagious Delta variants in low-vaccination states. The White House’s pandemic coordinator, Jeff Seiens, said last week that Missouri, Texas, and Florida account for 40 percent of all new coronavirus cases in the United States.

The number of cases of coronavirus is much lower than at the peak of the pandemic, CDC reported on Thursday The weekly cases increased by 46% compared to the previous 7 days.

“We’re heading in the wrong direction,” Forch said on Sunday in “state of coalition.” “And because we have 50 percent of the country [that] This is especially problematic as it has not been completely vaccinated. Subspecies like Delta have this extraordinary feature of being able to spread from person to person very efficiently and easily. “

“If people aren’t vaccinated, the model will predict that problems will occur as the number of cases increases,” said Fauci, president of Biden’s chief medical adviser.

To slow the rise in this case, some local health authorities have issued stricter mask guidance than federal authorities. The CDC still says that fully vaccinated people are safe without masks in most situations. All versions of the COVID-19 vaccine, including those from the Delta variant, greatly reduce the likelihood of serious COVID-19 symptoms, but can still be infected.

Last weekend, Los Angeles County re-imposed mask requirements on public places, including fully vaccinated people. Many other California counties strongly recommend similar masking, but have postponed requiring it. Chicago recently Mask required at public school, Regardless of vaccination status.

“It’s a local decision that is consistent with the CDC’s overall recommendations, which give the locals a lot of discretion,” Fauci said on Sunday for such a policy. “And you can see it in Los Angeles. You can see it in Chicago. You can see it in New Orleans, because many people say this. Mask indoors.”


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