CDC exempts unaccompanied immigrant children from deportation

Dallas (AP) — Children of unaccompanied immigrants are exempt from the ban on immigrants seeking asylum at the border with the United States, federal health officials ordered on Friday.

An order from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a temporary exception ordered in February. Complete asylum ban issued in October..

The Trump administration has cited concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic to justify the October ban. However, with rising COVID-19 vaccination rates, this change suggests that the Biden administration is considering phasing out the asylum ban.

Justice Ministry Lawyer Signaled a change during a court hearing on Tuesday At Fort Worth. The hearing dealt with a proceeding filed by the state of Texas to enforce the enforcement of the Trump ban.

Judge Mark Pittman of the US District Court, who appointed Trump, asked Brian Storz, assistant US prosecutor, about the timing of the new order and asked the government to notify him as soon as it was issued. Mr Pittman did not rule on the request for an injunction, but said he would make a decision “as soon as possible.”