Celebrity influencers tricked victims from $ 24 million to fund the extravagant lifestyle they boasted on Instagram


Ramon Abbas in a restaurant and private jet.

Ramon Abbas AKA Hushpuppi recorded trips to expensive restaurants and private jets. Instagram / Hushpuppi

  • Nigerian influencers have pleaded guilty to money laundering.

  • Ramon Abbas AKA Hushpuppi built a 2.5m distance using photos of private jets and luxury cars.

  • According to court documents, he deceived a total of more than $ 24 million in casualties.

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A Nigerian influencer known for recording his extravagant lifestyle has pleaded guilty to money laundering.

According to Hushpuppi, whose real name is Ramon Abbas, he accepted the indictment in a US court on April 20. document Submitted to California.

The document states that Abbas has deceived people from a total of over $ 24 million.

The 37-year-old boy was arrested in June 2020 in Dubai, where he lived, after being tracked by the FBI. Insider Mia Jancowicz reported..

Abbas’s 2.5m follower’s powerful Instagram account is an important part of his discovery, featuring photos of luxury cars, private jets, and designer clothing. He hasn’t posted anything since June 2020.

In one of Hushpuppi’s plans, he tried to steal $ 1.1 million from a business person who wanted to fund a new school in Qatar.

Influencers are believed to have two other US-based and three more in Africa, and have been charged with wire fraud plots, money laundering plots, and exacerbation of personal information theft.

“Defendants fund Qatar schools by acting as bank officials and creating fake websites with plans to bribe foreign officials to continue to pretend to be elaborate after the victim is turned over. Allegedly falsified the funding, “said the US federal prosecutor. Lawyer Tracy L. Wilxon.

She funded Abbas’s extravagant lifestyle by “playing an important role in planning” and “washing out the illegal proceeds generated by fraudsters who use increasingly sophisticated means.” I did. “

Hushpuppi was described by Kristi K. Johnson, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, as “one of the most famous money launderers in the world,” and his conviction was “significant to this international network.” It’s a blow. .. “

Abbas did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

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