Celine Dion shares a rare photo of her three sons to commemorate Mother’s Day

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(Getty Images)

Celine Dion celebrate Mother’s Day With her three sons on Sunday, just as the legendary singer reflected on her mothers Ukraine During the ongoing invasion of Russia.

“On Mother’s Day, I feel very lucky to be with my children. I’m thinking of a mother who lost children in Ukraine and around the world,” Dion said on her Instagram. I added a caption to my post.

“And for mothers who are always worried about how to keep their children safe … and for mothers who are spending all their energy just to provide their children with the necessities of life.” She added.

With a thank-you message, Dion shared his unmakeup snapshot sitting next to his 21-year-old son Rene Charles and his 11-year-old twins Nelson and Eddie.

“These mothers are really courageous mothers. I dedicate this Mother’s Day to all mothers,” she continued. “I hope they find peace and peace for their families.”

When Russia launched a major invasion of Ukraine in February, a French-Canadian singer had previously expressed support for “the brave people of Ukraine.” Instagram Position.

René Angélil – Dion’s manager and father of her three boys – died in January 2016 at the age of 73 after the fight against laryngeal cancer. The couple got married in 1994. This January, Dion paid tribute to her on the anniversary of the death of her deceased husband in her inspiring Instagram post.

“If I say I’m fine, I’ll lie. I think of you at least 100 times. In the sound of my voice, I hear your words as if you were there … I I miss you, “54 years old-an old singer capped Angelil’s black-and-white photo.

Last week on Mother’s Day, a French-Canadian singer celebrated the holiday by posting another family photo. This time with three yellow Labradors. “Which of me or the kids are having the best day today?” She wrote last year. “What a privilege to be a mom. Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy every moment … can you be better than that? Continued …”