CEO of medical company proposes to ban unvaccinated public medical care

The CEO of a major medical device manufacturer said that those who refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine should be “automatically considered” to have lost their right to COVID-19 treatment in a public hospital.

Stefan Dräger, CEO of Germany’s leading medical maker Dräger Said Those who refuse to have a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus attack should not be able to receive publicly funded treatment for this disease in a hospital. Dräger is considered one of the largest ventilator manufacturers in the world.

“Anyone who refuses vaccination must stop treatment in the hospital,” he said, according to German to English, reported by other German media quoting Welt. translation.. “If he refuses, this is automatically considered a patient’s order, and if infected with the virus, he will not be treated in the hospital at the expense of the general public,” Dräger said in an interview released Thursday. Stated.

His argument for such a protocol, which is undoubtedly criticized, is that it “avoids the overburden of hospitals and staff.” Added..

The German CEO also said:

“In my opinion, the majority of silent majority in our country now suffers from an unrepentant minority,” Dräger continued. “I also mean this in the medical sense, for example. [since] Treatment of other illnesses and surgery must be postponed. “

Many European countries have recently moved to withdraw some COVID-19 rules, including vaccine passports, as the number of cases declines. However, Germany and neighboring Austria chose to implement more restrictions instead.

The German government is reportedly considering mandating a general vaccine for everyone over the age of 18.

Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who succeeded former Chancellor Angela Merkel for many years, told the press in January that he supported the idea of ​​mandatory vaccines in general. Vaccination rate to the level required to get out of the pandemic. “

The Austrian Parliament passed a similar bill, whose president signed it in early February. Individuals who refuse to comply can be fined thousands of euros several times a year.

On Friday, the German Supreme Court dismissed a legal objection to temporarily block the enforcement of the CCP virus obligations for healthcare workers scheduled to come into force in March. This move was welcomed by the German government.

Schortz states that he and health officials believe that cases of COVID-19 will increase in the fall and winter of 2022, so vaccines need to be mandated. During his speech to Congress on Friday, he repeated his stance.

“The next fall and winter will see an increase in infectious diseases again, so a universal vaccination obligation also makes sense,” said the Prime Minister.

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