CFO Allen Weisselberg, a former daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization, says she is kicking her out in retaliation for her remarks.

Jennifer Weisserberg

Jennifer Weisselberg brings a box of documents to the prosecutor outside her apartment in Manhattan on April 8. The Washington Post Gina Moon via Getty Images

  • The former daughter-in-law of the CFO of the Trump organization says she has been kicked out by working with the prosecutor.

  • Allen Weisselberg’s finances are being investigated in a criminal case involving the Trump Organization.

  • The prosecutor reportedly wants to “turn over” him to guide Trump’s finances.

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Jennifer Weisserberg, former daughter-in-law Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen WeisserbergShe told CNN that she had been kicked out of her apartment because she agreed to work with a prosecutor investigating the Trump organization.

“Yesterday I was served to leave the apartment within the next 7 days. That’s a threat.” She said in an interview on Thursday at CNN’s “New Day”..

“They are kicking me out,” she added, telling the show organizer “because I’m not wrong about the information I’m providing.”

Allen Weisselberg, who has been in charge of the organization’s finances for 40 years and controls the Trump family’s personal finances, is an important focus of criminal investigations against the Trump organization.

Prosecutors at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office are trying to “turn over” to cooperate with him and guide investigators through Trump’s financial documents. Washington post report. They work with prosecutors at the Attorney General’s office in New York, which oversees the Trump Organization and their own criminal investigation into Trump’s personal finances.

Jennifer Weisserberg previously said she Provided information to the prosecutor In connection with her ex-father’s tax practices when the investigator worked to decide Whether he, the Trump organization, and Trump himself were engaged in tax evasion and financial fraud.. She has been working with prosecutors since the fall, she told insiders earlier.

Through her 2018 divorce from Allen Weisselberg’s eldest son Barry, Jennifer Weisselberg now owns a number of financial statements related to the Trump organization, she said.she is Handed “7 boxes of documents” to the prosecutorShe told insiders earlier that it contained evidence that Allen and Barry Weisselberg had committed tax evasion.

Jennifer Weisselberg told CNN that her ex-father remained the guarantor of her apartment rental. She said the eviction of the peasant was a retaliation for working with the prosecutor and tried to talk directly to Allen Weisserberg, but he ignored her.

“I contacted Allen many times last year to dignify and gracefully discuss this personally with my family,” she said, even trying to plead through Donald Trump Jr. Added. Last June. “

Allen Weisserberg’s lawyer declined to comment. Jennifer Weisselberg did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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