Chaney Challenger Wins Wyoming Republican Activist Straw Vote

Harriet Hageman, a GOP key candidate who approved the dismissal of Congressman Liz Cheney by former President Trump, won a straw vote held by the Wyoming Republican Central Committee on Saturday. Casper Star Tribune..

Important reason: According to Star Tribune, Hageman got 59 votes, while Chainy got only 6 votes. Voting takes place eight months before the Republican contest. Although unrelated to the primary, Chainy still shows that he is facing a backlash from within his party.

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  • Chaney faced Widespread criticism from the Republicans After voting to impeach Trump, she was eventually removed from her leadership position in the house.

  • Only 71 of the 74 members of the committee voted for the vote, three of whom were Hageman’s family, Star-Tribune said.

What they are saying: “I think this is a good sign, according to Star Tribune, “Hagemann said of the vote.

  • “There will be a lot of polls in the next eight months, all of which will show different things,” Hageman said.

  • Opposite side: “The only important elections are in August and November,” said Jeremy Adler, a spokesman for Chainy.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to clarify that 71 members of the Commission have voted for the vote and to include comments from Cheney’s spokesperson.

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