Changing the definition of “fully vaccinated” to three jabs creates confusion and distrust: vaccine developers

According to vaccine developer Nikolai Petrovsky, the decision to change the definition of complete vaccination from two to three would be confusing if the Australian state government decides to expand its current booster obligations. May cause.

On February 10, the Australian Immunotechnology Advisory Group (ATAGI) announced that individuals would only be considered “fully vaccinated” or “up-to-date” if they had been vaccinated three times with the approved vaccine.

“ATAGI advises that boosters can be safely and effectively administered at any time after 6 months to be” up-to-date “if the boosters have not been previously received,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison. I will. “ In the statement..

“ATAGI acknowledges in its advice that this change in the definition of the latest status of the COVID-19 vaccine may affect the status of an individual’s COVID-19 immunological certificate,” he adds. I did. ..

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ATAGI recommends that the new standard be applied by the end of March 2022. On February 16, body chair Nigel Crawford did not rule out further changes to the definition to include more jabs.

Petrovsky, the lead researcher on the Spikogen (COVAX-19) vaccine, said changes from ATAGI need to be based on solid evidence, and changes in the definition can have “widespread unintended consequences”. I have.

“For example, I don’t want to fall into a situation like some policies about travelers coming to the country, which means that the two vaccinations are completely vaccinated, but another policy like ATAGI is: That means that in the country it is considered to be fully vaccinated with three doses, so it is not considered to be fully vaccinated, “he said. “Such contradictions create confusion and stress.”

Booster Mandate is currently applied to target industries in most states except Western Australia. Western Australia is developing the most comprehensive mandate that requires the entire state’s workforce of one million to receive a third jab.

Petrovsky also pointed out that ATAGI’s advice is problematic due to the lack of a suitable review channel surrounding it.

“Unfortunately, ATAGI recommendations are mandated by the state (government) and are justified based on following ATAGI’s advice,” he added.

“This creates a cyclical self-justification system in which government agencies make decisions with widespread consequences, but affected people, no matter how flawed, cannot overturn such decisions. . “

The professor’s reliance on ATAGI to support public health orders and vaccine obligations reveals the failure of the current democratic process and is corrected to restore “trust in the system.” Warned that it should be.

Vaccine mandates continue to be a controversial issue with ongoing protests against such public health orders.

On February 12, tens of thousands of protesters from all disciplines gathered in Canberra, the capital, to protest the health restrictions mandated by the state government.

A member of parliament said The biggest protest He had been watching in Canberra for 11 years as a member of parliament.

Meanwhile, ACT Police Secretary Reese Kershaw told the Senate estimates that it was the biggest protest police had seen since the 1980s.

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