Chapin HS football players knew that the girl was 13 years old before having sex, witnesses told investigators.

Witnesses told investigators that a football player at Chapin High School knew that the girl was only 13 years old before having sex in October, according to a document from the Sheriff’s Office in Richland County, obtained by the state. rice field.

Player David Bennett Galloway III told authorities through a lawyer that he did not know the age of the girl. Galloway, who was 18 at the time of the encounter, was charged with a second criminal sexual act in November for a minor felony. Earlier this week, he was less accused of three assaults and assaults, and pleaded guilty to minors possessing alcohol. Both are misdemeanors.

Documents obtained by the state challenge Galloway’s defense statement, which concludes that Galloway does not know the age of the girl. The fifth circuit law firm, which charged the case, claims that Galloway knows the age of the girl.

Galloway lawyer Jim May said a more detailed investigation proved that the soccer player did not know the age of the victim.

The document obtained by the state is a copy of the affidavit of the victim’s friend who was with her on the night of the incident. A statement was made to an investigator in Richland County.

The transcript describes the moment of October 2 when the victim and her friend met Galloway outside the house. He asked a group of girls how old they were. According to the document, witnesses told investigators that the victim had told Galloway that she was “13-14 years old” and was in eighth grade.

Witnesses said Galloway had misunderstood the girl about his performance, according to the document. When an investigator asks if Galloway has ever lied about his age on the night of the assault, witnesses guess after Galloway asks them their age, he guesses them his age. I said that. After they guessed, he told them he was in the second year of high school. Second year high school students are usually 15 to 17 years old.

Senior Galloway was one of the best high school football players in South Carolina last fall. He promised to play at North Carolina State University.

This document raises the question of whether Galloway should have been pleaed at a lower rate.

Galloway pleaded guilty to misdemeanor At the hearing on Thursday. He especially complained of “illegal contact” at the age of 13. Judge Casey Manning of the Circuit Oversaw the trial and accepted the plea. Galloway has not received prior prison time. But if he violates the provisions of judicial transactions, including hundreds of hours of social service, demands counseling, and pays the victim $ 15,000 for her own counseling, he may go to jail for 60 days. I can do it.

At the courthouse, May said she passed the lie detector test when Galloway was asked if she knew the girl’s age.

Aside from knowledge of the victim’s age, the rest unfolded that night was agreed by Galloway as outlined by Deputy Solicitor Dan Goldberg.

On October 2, Galloway had a party with other high school students at a relative’s house, according to Goldberg.

He was drinking and he provided her with alcohol when the victim approached him. She said she didn’t want anything.

They entered the second floor of the house and had a sexual encounter stopped by another person. Later that night, Galloway and the victims met again and had sex, according to Goldberg.

The prosecutor said the victim had never said he didn’t want to have sex, and that sex had reached an agreement.

Goldberg told the court that a judicial deal to a lower rate was agreed by the victim’s family, the sheriff’s department, the prosecution, and Galloway.

What the Galloway lawyer said

When asked about a statement from a friend of the victim on Friday night, May repeatedly passed Galloway’s lie detector test conducted by a former FBI agent. During the test, Galloway was specifically asked if he knew the age of the victim before the incident. He replied no, and the polygraph found no evidence of lying, May said.

“Our survey, which interviewed quite a few people, did not support those facts,” asked about a document that Galloway knew the girl’s age and lied about his own age. When asked, Mei said.

In addition, May told the state that he would not have represented Galloway if he did not pass the lie detector test when asked if he knew the age of the victim.

Galloway knew the girl’s age the day after having sex and was “confused, shocked and scared,” May said.

What the prosecutor said

The Fifth Circuit Law Firm submitted a long statement to the state on Friday evening regarding documentary information and Galloway’s judicial transaction.

“The decision to allow Mr. Galloway to be guilty of less crime was not based on the lack of evidence to prove that he was guilty of criminal sexual activity with a minor.” Said Goldberg.

Goldberg upheld the witness’s statement in the document.

“After extensive discussions with the victim, her family, their lawyers, and the Richland District Sheriff’s Office, my office has determined that the guilty plea for the price cut is appropriate.” Said Goldberg.

He said the prosecution would not have been able to reduce prosecution without a “full agreement” between all involved, especially the victim and his family.

“After all, spins from his lawyer and anyone else can’t change Galloway’s guilt because it’s related to the assault on Galloway’s 13-year-old girl,” Goldberg said. I am saying.

What is the actual law?

In South Carolina CodeThe Second Criminal Sexual Act Act states:

“In the following cases, you will be guilty of a second criminal sexual act with a minor.

“The actor is sexually assaulting victims under the age of 14, but at least 11 years old.

“Are the actors over the age of 14 but sexually assaulting victims under the age of 16 and in a family, protective, or publicly authorized position to force the victim to submit? However, if you are under the age of 18 and engage in consensual sexual activity with another person over the age of 14, you will not be convicted of violating the provisions of this section. “

Second criminal sexual activity with a minor will be punished with imprisonment of up to 20 years.

The law on three assaults and assaults states:

“If a person illegally injures another person, or offers or attempts to injure another person with his current abilities, he or she will be guilty of a third assault and assault.”

Three assaults and assaults can be fined up to $ 500, imprisonment for 30 days, or both.