Charles begins writing his suicide note by walking into the place where he woke up for his coronation.

King Charles - WPA Pool

King Charles – WPA Pool

My late father, politician and boulevard administrator Woodrow Wyatt, attended Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. On scaffolding built at Westminster Abbey, he housed 8,251 guests and sat on velvet chairs. Profits were used to cover the costs of an event that stunned the world.

Life in England after 70 years is boring and depressing and needs something to gild and fresco.A slimmed-down monarchy is just right, but I can’t digest it coronation streamlinedI want big, fat things, irrelevant things, people wearing pantaloons, and excessive promiscuity.

The Duke of Norfolk, whose family appears to have the rights to the coronation business, is to organize the event. There are already tantrums.

In 1952 all British peers were invited. It’s not unreasonable to speculate that it may cost too much in 2023, but Only peers who are members of the government You can expect an invitation.

In desperation, those who fear exclusion get creative. His one of the proposals put forward in secret was to divert the royal procession through Westminster Hall with scaffolding so that the lords could pay their respects there. Norfolk said no to this.

I think the lesson is that no one is a companion these days. But if titles and hereditary principles no longer matter, where will the monarchy itself remain? Kings are the same as dukes and earls. Their main function is to be uplifting in picaresque. A bit like the Catholic religion. There is no rational reason for a monarchy, only spectacles and leaps of faith.

It is particularly disturbing that the Earl of Derby has not been asked to provide a falcon, as his family has done since the 16th century. These little things rob people of their purpose in life.

I admit that Charles faces a dilemma. He is the first social media monarch. Lady Susan Husseyhe begins his suicide note.

When I hear from a friend close to the King that the coronation will be a tribute to ‘strangers’ and ‘diversity’ – the kind that would cost poor Mrs. Susan’s job – I can’t help but cheer.

The coronation should mark a glorious mark for the entire Camorra of professional fatalists, puritan boredom, and cancelation commentators. The British monarchy is confined to one family and is therefore neither diverse nor inclusive.

A diamond’s value depends on controlled and limited production. So are monarchy values. Good to remember.