Charles Payne calls Dave Portnoy a “small b ****” in an on-air interview about the meme stock.

Fox Business host Charles Payne called Dave Portnoy, the founder of Fox Business. Bar Stool Sports“Small b ****” during the heated round trip on Thursday.

Payne told Portnoy all his “Meme stockThe decision he announced in February after a Reddit-fueled push to buy shares from companies such as AMC With entertainment Gamestop It disrupted the stock market and caused competing hedge funds to lose huge amounts of money. He also pushed back Portnoy’s ridicule of those who criticized him in doing so.

“You’re stupid,” Portnoy said at the climax of their debate.

Dave Portnoy pauses from Twitter

“You’re a little b ****,” Pain replied.

Portnoy laughed and replied, “I like it.”

“Sold the $ 700,000 hit and said it was a’paper hand’,” Payne said, using the derogatory term used to describe people who sell stocks quickly. “Many of these people who were attending this now were drawn into it because of you. They are very disappointed and angry with you. What do you say to them?”

“Oh, those people are stupid,” Portnoy said. “We are not paying attention to those Morons. Listen, most people who say” paper hands “and that. They lost 5 cents. They lost nickel. I lost $ 700,000. I got out of it.I hit so everyone [who says] “Paper hand” I want to wrap it in toilet paper, glue the lettuce and float it in the sea. “

“These people, these are the Twitter eggs you’re listening to,” Portnoy added, calling the host “naive idiot.”

“Don’t be a little b ****. Don’t be a little b ****, Charles,” Portnoy said before the end of the segment.

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on twitter, Portnoy repeated his lack of attack.

“Our spokesperson and Fox make us look like” I’m sorry. ” Somehow somehow somehow. I loved it.

Washington Examiner Fox business We asked for comments on the exchange, but did not receive an immediate response.

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