Charlie Brown’s voice, Peter Robbins, committed suicide at age 65

Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins and Charlie Brown in Hollywood in October 2008.Albert E. Rodriguez via Getty Images / WireImage

  • His family said the first actor to speak out for the “Peanuts” character Charlie Brown committed suicide.

  • Peter Robins was 65 years old. He started making Charlie Brown’s voice at the age of nine.

  • His family Fox 5 told San Diego He died last week.

Voice actor Peter Robins has died, his family said. He was 65 years old.

Robins was the first actor to play Charlie Brown, the character of “Peanuts,” which began at the age of nine in the 1960s and ended a few years later, Reuters reports.

His family Fox 5 told San Diego He died of suicide last week on Tuesday.

Robins publicly discussed mental health suffering from bipolar disorder and delusional schizophrenia. In 2013 he Plead guilty Stalking and threatening crime against his girlfriend.

In 2015, Robins Sentenced to nearly five years in prison For criminal intimidation of many, including San Diego County Sheriffs.

“I came out of jail, and I’m a better person for it. I’m much more humble, grateful and grateful that I lived through experience,” he said in a release. rice field, According to the independent.

Robins Fox 5 told San Diego 2019: “I recommend that people with bipolar disorder take it seriously because it can improve their lives in a month, just like I do. I came out of jail. , I’m a better person for it. I’m far more humble, grateful, and grateful that I’ve lived through this experience. “

Blondie cast

Cast and Peter Robins (left) of the 1968 television series “Blondie”.CBS

Born in Louis Nanashi, Robins began acting at the guest spot on a television show at the age of seven. In particular, he starred in the episode of the hit 1960s series “M√ľnster”.

But he will land a role that gives him eternal fame a few years after being cast as Charlie Brown’s voice. He voiced six “Peanuts” TV specials and one movie’s iconic character between 1963 and 1969. Highlights include franchise classics such as “Charlie Brown Christmas” (1965) and “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” (1966).

Throughout the 1960s, he also appeared in “Rawhide,” “The Donna Reed Show,” “Blondie,” “F Troop,” and “Get Smart.”

His last acting role was in the 1972 episode of “My Three Sons.”

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