Charlotte and North Carolina Coastal Brace for Hurricane Elsa. This is the latest information on Arashi.

Hurricane Elsa is expected to plunge into Carolina with heavy winds and rain from mid to late week, although much uncertainty remains about Saturday’s final course, according to National Hurricane Center forecasts. Was there.

The National Weather Service in Newport / Morehead City also alerted coastal residents on Saturday morning.

“Elsa could affect eastern North Carolina as early as mid-week,” a NWS meteorologist posted on Twitter at 6am on Saturday. “It’s too early to have a particular impact, but residents and visitors are required to pay close attention to forecasts for the next few days.”

According to the NWS, the storm can reach Carolina from the end of Wednesday to the beginning of Thursday.

According to the Miami Hurricane Center, at 8 am on Saturday, the first Atlantic hurricane of the season “moved rapidly” towards Hispaniola in the Caribbean, “expected to worsen in the coming hours. I did. “

Friday storm “Blowed off the roof According to the Associated Press, “trees broke” on the islands of the eastern Caribbean Sea.

The Category 1 storm blew 75 mph, but a forecaster at the Hurricane Center on Friday night said the storm could develop into a Category 3 hurricane at some point. Category 3 storms carry winds from 111 mph to 129 mph.Big damage, “According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Anemometer on the National Hurricane Center website.

By comparison, Hurricane Hugo was a Category 4 hurricane when it landed on the Island of Palms, South Carolina in September 1989.Gust Over 100 mph Recorded in Charlotte during the storm, according to the National Weather Service. 1999, Hurricane Floyd Landed NWS reported as a Category 2 hurricane with 105 mph winds in Cape Fia, North Carolina.

A tropical cyclone wind from Elsa could arrive in the Charlotte area by 8 am Wednesday, according to a map of the National Hurricane Center.Such a wind 39 mph to 73 mph, According to NWS.

In a breaking news published Saturday at 8 am, the Hurricane Center forecaster said, “Long-term course details. Still uncertain.. “

At the same time, the Hurricane Center’s “Intensity Forecast shows little change in intensity until tonight, slowly weakening at the beginning of Sunday and Monday. A slight relapse as Elsa moves north of Cuba and crosses the east of the Gulf of Mexico. Is predicted.

“This forecast is a bit lower than the previous forecast in the short term, but it doesn’t change much at longer forecast times.”

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