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Why transgender girls suddenly become new targets for GOP

In 2019, when South Dakota Republicans seriously pushed to keep transgender girls out of school sports, their bill was only known by its obscure number title, Senate Bill 49. I did. The two major sponsors were men. And only 10 days after it was introduced, he died without leaving the committee. But when Republicans decided to try again in January, they were much more strategic in their approach. The sponsors were two women modeled after a template provided by a conservative legal organization. They gave the bill a name suggesting a noble intent: “Acts to Promote Continued Fairness in Women’s Sports.” Supporters of Minnesota and Idaho have admitted just a handful of examples of what’s happening in South Dakota, but new legislation to keep men with biological characteristics away from women’s competition. Went to Pierre’s Capitol to testify that he was in urgent need. “These efforts seem to be much more sophisticated and organized,” said Elizabeth A. Skarin of the American Civil Liberties Union in South Dakota, who opposes the bill. “Whenever they name a bill in South Dakota, you know something is happening,” she added. Sign up for The Morning Newsletter from The New York Times. Since then, things have changed unexpectedly. Governor Kristi Noem, considered a Republican presidential nominee in 2024, demanded a change in the bill. Social conservatives and Republicans have succumbed to pressure from companies and athletics organizations that have succeeded in blocking the laws of other states that have elected transgender people for exclusion and cultivated ugly stereotypes. Blame. On Monday, the legislature accused the governor and formally rejected her change. She said she hoped to re-enforce the issue at a special legislative assembly before the summer. South Dakota is just one of the ever-growing states where Republicans are jumping into a cultural war clash that seems to have happened out of nowhere. This is the result of coordinated poll campaigns by social conservative organizations such as the American Principles Project and the Concerted Women for America, advancing what could be one of the last steps in the fight against expansion. He states that he is determined to let him. LGBTQ rights. This month, a bill similar to South Dakota was passed in three other states. Mississippi and Arkansas will be enacted this summer. Republicans in 20 other states, including North Carolina, have also submitted similar bills. In the bill, the unpopular “bathroom bill” enacted in 2016 caused costly boycotts, and Conservatives across the country withdrew efforts to limit the rights of transgender people. Beth Stelzer, founder of the new organization Save Women’s Sports, said: “You make a difference in our society by enacting the law. Fortunately, we have some great states. Emotional.” Amateur power lifter Stelzer said in South Dakota. He testified in support of new laws in the states, Montana and Arkansas. However, the idea of ​​a sudden influx of transgender competitors who dominate women’s and girls’ sports does not reflect the reality of high school, college, or professionals. Sports associations such as the NCAA, which promotes the participation of transgender athletes, have policies in place to address concerns about the physical differences in biology between men and women. The NCAA requires athletes transitioning to women to receive one year of testosterone-suppressing treatment before competing in the women’s team. Stelzer, who participates in weightlifting leagues where transgender women cannot participate, said it was important to anticipate what she and other activists believed would be a bigger problem. “We have it in the bud,” she said. In high school sports, the policies are very different. In some states, transgender athletes have no barriers. Some have adopted a policy similar to the NCAA, while others completely prohibit or require students to verify their gender when asked. Problems that very few people encounter — and problems that public opinion analysts have recently begun to study deeply — quickly become a political and cultural flash point. Lack of consciousness creates an environment in which the true impact of transgender participation in sports can be overshadowed by exaggeration. But this debate also raises the question that ethicists, lawmakers and courts are just beginning to work. Whether decades of effort to give women and girls equal opportunity in sports is compatible with efforts to give transgender people equal opportunity in life. The proceedings filed by three high school students who lost the competition against transgender girls in a federal court in Connecticut are one of the first to test how indiscriminate law applies. Various factors have helped the Social Conservatives breathe new life into the issue. Activists who have agreed to give up an unpopular bill that regulates public toilets. Awareness that women, rather than men, may be more persuasive and sympathetic advocates. A new democratic government that has swiftly moved to expand and restore the rights of transgender people that the Trump administration has eliminated. The political and media culture on the right often reduces the subtleties of gender identity to the punch line of political correctness. Activists who have fought transgender efforts say that focusing on school athletics creates a false misguided perception of victims. “I feel like there are transgender victims,” ​​said Chase Strandio, an ACLU lawyer who succeeded in temporarily blocking the enforcement of a transgender athlete ban in Idaho last year. In fact, studies show that the majority of transgender students report that they feel unsafe at school. “What we have is speculative fear of something that hasn’t happened,” added Strandio, a trans-gender man. “They behave like LeBron James wearing a wig and playing basketball with a fourth grader. And one LeBron James, not 100. In reality, you’re a little kid who just wants to play REC sports. They just want to get through their lives. “But the isolated instance that produced the shoot or headline (for example, a new transgender competitor broke the record of women’s weightlifting.” ) Will be viral content supported by media personalities such as Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, and Joe Logan. This issue is much more widely covered in the conservative media and often presents a great deal of irony. According to a review of social media content for the New York Times by left-wing guard dog Media Matters, seven of the ten most popular articles about the bill targeting transgender people so far this year , Was from The Daily Wire on the website. Founded by Shapiro. The other two were from Fox News. According to Media Matters, the article has been read, shared, and commented 6 million times in total. The rise in media awareness on the right is partly due to how social conservative activists improved by packaging transgender-specific limits. Borrowing pages from a male-led anti-abortion movement for most of the early days, they began taking women as public advocates. In Arkansas, where the governor signed the “Fairness of Women’s Sports Law” last week, the Attorney General, candidate Leslie Rutledge, and the Arkansas Republican Caucus were key supporters. The bill prohibits transgender participation in women’s teams from kindergarten to college. Often, lawmakers are a conservative legal organization that has filed several Supreme Court proceedings on behalf of those who claim discrimination because of their traditional beliefs about the role of marriage and gender. We have worked closely with groups like Defending Freedom. In the case of Idaho, opponents of the law argued that it was exclusive, discriminatory and violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Alliance Defending Freedom, representing two female college students who said they had a “bleeding experience” after losing to a transgender woman, agreed that the case was about equality, but “of equal competition. Wagoner, a group lawyer in the context of creating a place. “It causes confusion when the law ignores the legitimate differences that exist between men and women,” she added. Limiting the rights of transgender people is a problem that resonates with a smaller proportion of the total population. According to a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, only 7% of Americans are “totally opposed” to policies in favor of LGBTQ. But it’s a group of voices intended to show that the Republicans can bend that power. The gnome is currently in conflict with most Republicans in Congress. She initially said she was “excited” to sign the bill as-is, but is now demanding that college athletes be excluded from the new law. Social conservative organizations continued to attack her apparent presidential ambitions. “It’s a well-known fact that Governor Nome has the aspirations of the people, so it’s time to hear from the public audience,” said the Family Policy Alliance, an affiliate of Focus on the Family. Wrote to supporters by email. Nome seemed to be aware of how damaging it could be to make conservatives think he was on the other side of the matter. On Thursday, she and her adviser attended a rush-arranged conference call with members of a conservative action project, including the leader of the country’s largest right-wing group. Nome expressed concern over retaliation against South Dakota by refusing the NCAA to hold a tournament in South Dakota, as in North Carolina, if she signed the law. The activists were respectful but clear, he said: this wasn’t what they expected from the conservative fire brand they became so admired. This article was originally published in The New York Times. © 2021 The New York Times Company

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