Chasing the July 4 vaccine target, the White House taps Kamala Harris’ husband Douglas Emhoff

On the verge of missing the national COVID-19 vaccination target on July 4, the Biden administration turned to a second gentleman, Douglas Emhoff, to help promote the benefits of giving shots to young Americans.

The White House has sent Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband to the road in states such as Tennessee and Illinois. There, adults were lagging behind the government’s desired 70 percent immunization rate.

“I want all parents, all families and all young people to be vaccinated, so I can move forward,” Emhoff said in Phoenix on Wednesday at such a place. “So people talk to friends, talk to family, take shots, talk to 5 people, talk to 10 people, go to social media, do what they need as a leader, and disseminate information.”

Emhoff emerged as a top supporter of President Joe Biden’s agenda when he said the administration needed to do everything. He is said to be eager to travel on behalf of the White House and has voiced his top management priorities — encouraging young people to be vaccinated.

“In reality, many young Americans feel that COVIDs do not affect them, and they are resisting being shot,” Emhoff said in a June media call.

Emhoff said it was “one of the greatest reliefs” he had for a long time to see his children, Cole and Ella, aged 26 and 22, vaccinated, and to other parents. Said that he would like to have the same experience.

“For him, this is personal,” said his spokeswoman Katie Peters.

Emhoff appeals to young people, Peters said. “I think it’s an audience he clearly sympathizes with and has some experience. As a dad in his twenties, he talked with his children about vaccination.”

As of Thursday, nearly 67 percent of adult Americans were receiving a single dose of the vaccine. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..

Unvaccinated young adults are an important reason why the Biden administration has not achieved its goal of at least partially immunizing 70% of adults by July 4. The government sought to target them with free beer, free bagels, free burritos, and food and alcohol delivery credits provided by private companies.

“We have a lot of incentives there,” Emhoff said in Phoenix.

Emhoff said vaccinations help Americans return to sporting events, weddings and travel.

“The second gentleman was a great supporter of this effort, said Courtney Rowe, director of strategic communication and engagement for the White House’s COVID-19 response team.

“What we needed was boots in the community, to talk directly to people. And the second gentleman was keen to do that, and we make a difference. I’m really watching, “she said.

Independence Day Blitz

Biden authorities have recently focused on southern states, sending Emhoff to Memphis, Birmingham, Tallahassee, Phoenix and Houston for vaccination events. He also traveled to Chicago.

“He is very passionate about this issue. In the first few weeks of the administration, his team contacted me and was deeply concerned that a second gentleman would vaccinate people. I remember saying I wanted to be an asset to this, and he was absolutely, “Raw said.

Peters said Emhoff “Enter the trench, raise your hand and do as much as you can” to support the Biden administration, including vaccination.

The White House said this weekend that the President, First Lady, Vice President, and Emhoff would instigate the country’s progress in vaccination and nationwide to “celebrate Independence Day and our independence from the virus.” say. Cabinet members also participate in the event.

President Biden will visit Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday to attend the festival. First Lady Jill Biden is hosting events this weekend in Maine and New Hampshire. Harris heads to Las Vegas and Emhoff visits Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah on Friday.

Bryce Canyon is included in the July 4 vacation trip as it symbolizes the American experience between the summer and the pandemic, where many people spent their outdoor vacations in national parks, according to White House officials. It was done.

Emhoff will meet with Park Rangers who will be grateful for their work during the pandemic and will talk to families visiting the site, Peters said.

A former entertainment lawyer has a new job at Georgetown Law, but Emhoff hasn’t taught classes this summer. The lighter schedule allowed him to increase the pace of his trip. Emhoff will resume education in September.

EMH OFF in demand

According to Democratic officials, Emhoff is in high demand for formal and political events.

Emhoff’s fundraising efforts, which he attended with Democratic National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison earlier this year, have raised more than $ 1 million, party officials told McClutchie. DNC recently sent a fundraising email in the name of Emhoff.

Emhoff held a virtual event in New Mexico earlier this year to support the party’s efforts to win a special parliamentary election in New Mexico. Democratic National Convention officials expect Emhoff to be “one of the top agents of DNC and its Parties” as Emhoff is “a big asset for DNC” and more face-to-face events are planned. He said he was.

He also began to move beyond the COVID bailout and vaccination efforts to the White House, and with White House adviser Dana Remus on a White House initiative aimed at expanding access to the legal system. I participated in a discussion with the party’s state attorney-general last month.

“He recognizes the opportunities this role offers,” Peters said of Emhoff. “He fully embraces public services and he considers himself on this occasion, but to get out there and help, especially at times like our country has experienced in the past. Is responsible for doing as much as possible in the year. “

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