Chastain Bootezieg knocks on Bobert after her “scream” to an American dad


Chastain Boutezieg recently became an American father on Wednesday, despite “attacking” her husband, U.S. Transport Secretary Pete Butigieg, when Lauren Boebert (Republican) was in the hospital with her son. It seems that he called for tweeting the support of. last year.

“When you attacked my husband by being with his family, his two-month-old son was using a children’s hospital ventilator,” Chasten said with him and Butigeg.

“I saw him take a phone call and zoom from our room all day and manage the crisis after the crisis while our son’s heart monitor beeps in the background. “He said I wrote it on Twitter.

Before making a “cry of gratitude” to his American father, Chasten referred to a Sunday tweet from Bobert stating that “the father’s role is absolutely fundamental to the family and society as a whole.”

Butigeg was criticized by conservatives for taking more than two months of parental leave after welcoming his newborn twins last fall because he was on the verge of a supply chain crisis.

Bobert was one of the Secretary of Transportation’s toughest critics and accused him in November. Youtube video He was “not working” because he was “trying to find a way to feed his chest.”

“The country burns around him while he builds his image as a beloved dad,” she said.

Pete protects himself after the repulsion, MSNBC’s Deadline: The White House He was available 24 hours a day to solve the problem.

“The really strange thing is that this is from the side of the aisle used to claim the cloak of kinship. What we now have is a government that is actually kinship. “That’s right,” Butigeg said last fall.

“I am endowed with the flexibility to experience it as an employee and take care of my newborn children. It’s a job, by the way. It’s a fun piece. It’s a great job. It’s definitely a job, “he added.

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