Chauvin convicted and sentenced to death by Floyd


Minneapolis (AP) — Former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder George Floyd’s death According to a document filed Thursday, the judge will appeal his conviction and judgment, saying he has abused his discretion or made a mistake during some important points in the case. ..

Derek Chauvin He said he would appeal for 14 reasons. In it, he alleges that Judge Peter Carhill abused his discretion when Chauvin denied the request to move the trial from Hennepin County for pretrial publicity.

He also alleged that the judge abused his discretion when he denied the request to isolate the jury during the trial and when he refused the request to postpone the trial or allow a new judge.

Chauvin was convicted earlier this year About two unintentional murders, three murders and two manslaughter state accusations in Floyd’s 2020 death. He was sentenced to 22 and a half years in prison. This was sentenced to more than an estimated twelve and a half years after the judge agreed with the prosecutor that Floyd’s death was aggravated.

Chauvin too Indicted in federal court for infringing Floyd’s civil rights When Floyd was lying prone on the pavement and he knelt on the neck of a black man for about nine and a half minutes without resisting or begging for the air. He pleaded not guilty to those accusations.

Chauvin filed a notice of intent to appeal within 90 days of the ruling. In addition to his notice, he also filed a petition to put the appeal process on hold until the Supreme Court considered a previous decision to reject his representative public defender in his appeal.

In an affidavit filed Thursday, Chauvin stated that there were no lawyers in the appeal process and that he had no income other than nominal prison wages. His case before Cahill was funded by the Minnesota Police Department and the Law Enforcement Fund of the Peace Officers Association. Chauvin wrote: “The obligation to pay my agent has been terminated by my conviction and conviction.”

All the reasons Chauvin raised in the notice of intent to appeal were previously raised by defendant lawyer Eric Nelson as the case passed the district court.

Nelson had previously argued that fierce publicity over Floyd’s death had polluted the jury pool and that the trial should have been moved from Minneapolis. In February, there was a report that Chauvin was ready to plea the third-class murder and that Minneapolis had reached a $ 27 million settlement with Floyd’s family during the jury selection. bottom. Also, a deadly shooting of Dauntelite by police officers at the nearby Brooklyn Center occurred during Chauvin’s trial, causing days of protest.

Chauvin’s court filing also made a mistake when the district court concluded that Molly’s Hall, the man who was with Floyd on the day of his arrest, was not forced to testify on behalf of the defense. Said. He also said the court made a mistake when prosecutors allowed them to present cumulative evidence of the use of force.

Chauvin also provided evidence when Chauvin did not allow the “apparently biased” jury to attack the jury for good reason, and when the state allowed him to add charges of third-class murder. He said he intends to claim that he abused his discretion when limiting tolerance.From Floyd’s previous arrest, and when he Denied Nelson’s post-verdict request for a new trial Request a hearing to ask the jury to investigate the alleged illegal activity.

Nelson accused jury Brandon Mitchell of not being candid during the jury selection because he did not mention participation in the 2020 march to honor Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. The jury is being questioned.

The judge determined that the defense did not establish evidence of jury misconduct justifying the preliminary hearing during the trial or jury selection.


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