Chauvin’s judge said Waters’ comments could overturn the appeal verdict


Jury Chauvin files proceedings after day of emotional closing argument

(Bloomberg Act)-The case of a former Minneapolis police officer accused of murdering George Floyd is told in full by his viral video of Derek Chauvin’s lawyer kneeling on Floyd’s neck and back. After saying not, I went to the jury. The jury went into deliberations, lawyer Eric Nelson begged Judge Peter Carhill to declare suspicion, and the “public context” of the trial, including criticism from Congressman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.). “, Pointed out the attention of the” profound “media. TV program. According to news reports, Waters urged protesters to “more conflict” if Chauvin was not convicted. Cayhill withdrew Nelson’s bid, but the defense admitted that there might be something to appeal. “The opinion of lawmakers is not that important,” Kay Hill said. Use of force by the police. A 20-year-old black man, Dantelite, was shot dead by police during Floyd’s trial near the Brooklyn Center in Minnesota, spurring further protests that could erupt after a Chauvin trial decision. It was. Nelson spends trials to lay the groundwork for a potential appeal if Chauvin is convicted, and Kay Hill should quarantine the jury sooner so that it is not affected by news coverage. Claimed it was. The jury will determine if Chauvin has been found guilty of second-class murder, third-class murder, or manslaughter. Chauvin faces up to 40 years in prison. Nelson analyzed video of Floyd’s arrest on May 25, 2020 in closing arguments and made various decisions that had to be made at the moment Chauvin and other police officers tried to safely conquer the suspect. Indicated. Chauvin had to assess how aggressive Floyd was and whether police officers and bystanders risked yelling at police officers when trying to arrest him. Nelson said police officers were constantly assessing Floyd’s resistance and health as he walked the jury through videos of Floyd’s arrest and death. “A rational police officer should be able to use a reasonable amount of force to overcome the suspect’s resistance,” Nelson told the jury. Called by CupFoods in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020 after being reported that a customer had used the possibility of counterfeit invoices. Floyd was excited when a policeman pulled out his gun and approached him in the car, according to body camera footage shown to the jury. Repeating what he said during the 2019 traffic outage, which was also shown to the jury, he shouted that he was afraid to be shot. The conflict intensified after police took Floyd out of his car and tried to put him behind the police car. Floyd shouted that he was claustrophobic and unable to breathe. Chauvin arrived at the scene to assist two newcomers, one of whom was trained by Chauvin, trying to arrest Floyd. Chauvin had to make a series of swift decisions to assess the risks Floyd posed to police and bystanders, Nelson said. When police officers were having a hard time getting Floyd into a police car, “no one was a coercion expert who testified, and the police officer who testified said that what had happened so far was unreasonable.” Said Nelson. The “controversy” over whether Chauvin killed Floyd begins when a police officer pulls Floyd to the ground after he refuses to get in the car. Nelson disassembled a video of a police officer detaining Floyd to assess the suspect’s health and show if more power is needed, showing that Chauvin is following police procedures, Nelson said. Said. Special counsel Steve Schleicher praised “the most noble profession of the police”, making closing arguments that Chauvin should be convicted of Floyd’s death. Schleicher filed a case in which Chauvin violated police policy and training when he knelt on Floyd’s neck on May 25, 2020 and was filmed for more than nine minutes and portrayed Chauvin as a fraudulent actor. did. What the defendant did was assault, “Schleicher said in closing arguments. “Nothing is worse for good police than bad police,” Chauvin added, “betraying the badge and everything it represents.” Prosecutors alleged that police ignored Floyd’s cry for help during his arrest and struggle. Schleicher said that Floyd called Chauvin “Mr. Policeman.” “Call the police when he needs help, and he appealed to Mr. Officer” near the end of his life. “He sought help in his last breath. Schleicher showed a video of Floyd being arrested by a jury, claiming that Chauvin and other police officers did not provide the assistance needed for training in the department. Instead of rolling Floyd sideways to help him breathe as needed, police officers laid him down, shouting that he couldn’t breathe. “The reason George Floyd died was Mr. Chauvin. Because his heart is too small, “Blackwell said. To contact reporters about this story: Ayanna Alexander in Washington ([email protected]). Ian Lopez, Washington ([email protected]) To contact the editor responsible for this article: Andrew Childers ([email protected]) (Updated additional reports overall) For articles like this, bloomberg. Please visit com. Get ahead of the most trusted business news sources © 2021 Bloomberg LP