Chauvin’s jury may remain anonymous for a long time

Minneapolis (AP) — Supervised Judge Derek Chauvin’s Trial To George Floyd The death said the jury remained anonymous until the jury considered it safe to publish their names, not just to protect them. 12 juries Not only to protect against external influences, but also to protect Chauvin’s right to a fair trial.

Judge Peter Carhill of Hennepin County does not say how long their names will be kept secret. He told potential juries in the preparatory stage of the trial that their names would eventually come out, but assured them that they would protect their privacy as long as he felt they needed it.

How secret is Jury Chauvin’s ID?

Other data, such as jury names and surveys, are usually published shortly after a trial in Minnesota.However, in a case similar to Chauvin, the 2019 trial that led to the former conviction. Minneapolis Police Officer Mohammed Noor In the shooting of Justine Ruszczyk Damond — Hennepin County Judge Kathryn Quaintance waited more than 18 months before agreeing to publish his name.

Still, I took legal action from Star Tribune to open the name. And the judge published only his name, with no additional identification information.

How common are anonymous juries?

These have become more common in the United States in recent decades. In organized crime cases, the judge may approve them. Examples include John “Tef London” Gotti’s 1987 and 1992 trials and Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman’s 2019 trial.

The 1993 trial of Lawrence Powell and Stacey Koon, two Los Angeles Police Department accused of beating black driver Rodney King, and white truck driver Reginald Denny were accused of beating. There was an anonymous jury in the trial of three African-American defendants. Riot following the acquittal of an officer.

However, according to the Freedom Forum Institute, the judge approved them in trials, including civil cases, where the only risk to the jury could have been approached for subsequent news interviews.

According to William Mitchell Lowe Review, Minnesota is an anonymous jury for the 1993 trial of Shannon Bowles, a member of the gang who allegedly killed Minneapolis police officer Jerry Half in 1992. Was appointed first. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in 1995 that concealing a jury’s identity would not infringe on Bowles’ right to an impartial jury or presumed innocence, and established rules for future anonymous juries. I did.

What is known about Chauvin Jury?

Chauvin’s jury was introduced only by number in public court. Cahill and both lawyers sought to avoid extracting identification information from them during the selection process. The video feed did not show the jury. According to the court Six of the juries were white and six were black or multi-ethnic..

The director was Jury No. 19, a white man in his thirties who stated he was acting as an auditor during the jury selection. The man described himself as a person trying to resolve disputes and make decisions based on facts rather than emotions, and said he had a friend who was a dog police officer in the Minneapolis police.

The man said he supported Black Lives Matter in general, but disagreed with the actions of some BLM activists. He had an unfavorable opinion about Blue Lives Matter. He wrote in a questionnaire that he heard that Floyd was using hard drugs, but didn’t think it would affect the case. “Whether you are under the influence of drugs does not determine whether you should be alive or dead,” he writes.


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