Chechen leader’s brutal fighter is killed in Ukraine “every day”

Genghis Khan / Reuters

Genghis Khan / Reuters

Ukrainian Chechen army A faithful Ramzan Kadyrov Claims to be the most brutal in Putin’s warHowever, the new report states that they are actually suffering great losses and are making great efforts to cover them.

According to a survey by an independent Russian news agency I StoriesThe official figures for the 13 Chechen soldiers killed in Ukraine are a major underestimate. According to sources from the Chechen Ministry of Health, the true death toll of the so-called Kadyrovites is at least in line with the death toll of the Dagestan army killed in Ukraine, for a total of 123 people.

Sources involved in sending the bodies of Chechen fighters home told I Stories that Chechen battalions are injured and killed daily.

You will never know it by looking at the chronicles on social media. KadyrovHas sought to develop the image of the Chechen army as both a terrifying fighter and a compassionate rescuer. Images and videos shared on Telegram and social networking site VK often appear to be blatantly staged, showing that the army is being greeted and fired by older villagers with their arms outstretched. Weapons on invisible targets.

One mistake Putin is dying for us to make

Kadyrov’s army is also the most Vicious war crimes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left many survivors Bucha A massacre that identifies soldiers who indiscriminately killed and tortured civilians as members of the Chechen battalion.

However, Kadyrov’s PR campaign was spectacular, such as when a Ukrainian journalist appeared in a video allegedly briefed by his subordinates in a basement in the Kyiv region in mid-March just to use phone data. I have backfired in a strange way. To prove that he was actually in Belarus Kremlin Chechen government sources have confirmed that he is not actually in Kyiv. Or the now infamous photo of Kadyrov praying in Ukraine. In front of a gas station owned by a company that does not exist in Ukraine.

Ukrainian security service said When Kadyrov, a “clown and coward”, was trying to scare the Ukrainian army, suggesting that he had joined the war.

One of Russia’s most vicious war crimes in Ukraine was worse than we thought

Behind the scenes, Kadyrov’s image campaign is said to have masked his own dysfunction, such as when he threw hiss noise at Russia’s decision to withdraw from Kyiv. According to IStories, when the Russian Defense Ministry decided to withdraw troops from the area after failing to bid to occupy the capital in mid-March, Kadilov was too much for his troops to be transferred to Mariupol. Also smoked when he was authoritative. He was allegedly rammed with leaders of both the Russian Defense Ministry and the National Guard, and returned to them by ordering his men to return to Chechnya for a “rest”, sources said. I told the press.

And in his recent attempt to show off Chechen’s military power on social media, Kadyrov proudly proclaimed On Thursday, his men “liberated” the village of Svetliknoe in the Luhansk region. The village has been under the control of a Russian agent in the People’s Republic of Luhansk since 2014.

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