Cheryl Hines finally breaks silence with Hubby Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Anti-Vax Luna Sea

Joshua Blanchard / Getty

Joshua Blanchard / Getty

On the weekend, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.The world’s leading (translation: most dangerous) antibacs conspiracy theorist was one of many strange speakers Railing for COVID vaccine Mandates at the “Defeat the Mandates” Rally in Washington, DC

“Even in Hitler’s Germany, you can cross the Alps into Switzerland and hide in the attic like Anne Frank,” said Kennedy Jr. None of us can hide. “

Exorbitant comparisons are immediately blamed by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum-affiliated Twitter accounts established in 1947 to preserve the memories of those lost in concentration camps during the Holocaust and what happened to them. it was done.

“The tragedy of those suffering, humiliated, tortured and killed in the debate over vaccines and restrictions during the global epidemic by the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany, including children like Anne Frank. Abuse is a sad symptom of moral and intellectual decline. ” They wrote..

How did John Stockton, the most boring NBA legend, become a stranger to Antibacs?

Their statement encouraged Twitter users to tag with Hines. Are you standing with her husband? “

The following Monday night, Hines finally broke the silence on the matter and replied: “My husband’s opinion does not reflect my own. We love each other, but many of the issues we have today are different.”

Kennedy Jr.’s decision to compare COVID vaccine obligations-or Choice Getting a vaccine to prevent the spread of a very deadly and highly contagious virus — especially when you consider the hit show Hinesstar to the systematic annihilation of Jews in the Holocaust. Suppress your enthusiasmIs home to the cast of Jewish actors / characters, including star / creator Larry David, and is one of the most culturally Jewish shows in television history.

Again, Kennedy Jr.’s anti-vax crusade has no bottom.A year before the Holocaust rant, he mistakenly linked the death of baseball legend Hank Aaron. For COVID vaccine..

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