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Denver homeless camp moves to church parking lot in wealthy area

One of Denver’s licensed homeless camps is to relocate to the Park Hill United Methodist Church. This is to move to the same location as the kindergarten. Important Reason: The city’s homelessness problem is usually associated with the downtown sector, such as the Capitol Hill district. There is a camp now. A block from Senator John Hickenlooper’s home, the new location forces residents of one of Denver’s wealthiest areas to face one of the city’s most annoying problems directly. .. .. Cole Chandler, Executive Director of Colorado Village Collaborative, said: We run a camp on behalf of the city. Details: The church car park on Glencoe Street has 45 shelters for people experiencing homelessness from June 1st to the end of the year. Rev. Nathan Adams, who announced the move during the Virtual Easter Sunday service, told Axios that his congregation had embraced a strong social justice mission and volunteered for the place to help address the city’s affordable housing crisis. I talk. The rest of the city and other parts of the city, churches and religious groups can say, “Oh, we can do this in our area,” he says. Next Steps: The move has caused controversy, Mayor Michael Hancock said Chandler said the preschool and after-school child care centers are on the opposite side of the building’s parking lot and the church is safe. Stated. Residents of the camp are “less dangerous than anyone else,” he says. This story was first published in the Axios Denver newsletter, designed to help readers understand the most important news in their backyard smarter and faster. Please sign up from here. Learn more about Axios: Sign up to get the latest market trends in Axios Markets.Subscribe for free