Chicago Police Union Says “No Hell” to Lightfoot’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mission


NS Chicago’s major police unions have opposed an imminent order from Mayor Lorilitefoot, which requires all city officials to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

John Catanzara, President Chicago The Fraternal Order of Police said his group was “100% opposed to the vaccines required by our members.” Fox 32..

“There are no studies on long-term side effects or consequences of this vaccine,” Katanzara said. Chicago sun times.. “Ordering anyone to get the vaccine without the data Base lineAbove all, it’s “hell, no” for us. “

He also claimed that all police unions in the city opposed such missions.

“It’s not just us. It’s a sergeant, an adjutant, and a captain. It’s a united front. All four unions. It’s no longer John Katanzara’s big mouth, as they always like to turn it.” He told the outlet.

Lightfoot confirmed on Wednesday that from October 15th, all city employees will need to be fully vaccinated against the virus. She first announced her intention to issue a vaccine directive to the city. employee Earlier this week.

Weekend violence killed at least 44 ammunition and seven people across Chicago

“City employees will definitely need to be vaccinated,” Wrightfoot said at a news conference on Monday. “We are working on these discussions currently underway for several weeks with colleagues in organized work on behalf of city employees.”

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Chicago reinstated its indoor mask obligations last week, followed by Suburban Cook County this week, In concern about the more contagious delta mutant of coronavirus.

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