Chiefs, Bills Playoffs Battle Sparks NFL Overtime Rule Discussion

  • The Chiefs defeated Bills in overtime in a thrilling and aggressive battle to create the AFC Championship.
  • The Chiefs recorded a touchdown on their first possession of overtime and ended the game before Josh Allen had the opportunity to touch the ball.
  • Fans and analysts lamented the ending and called for a change in the NFL’s overtime rules.

A somewhat familiar scene in Kansas City on Sunday night: a team wins overtime and suddenly stops a thrilling game without the other teams touching the ball.

In this case, Kansas City Chiefs outperformed Buffalo Bills (42-36) and Patrick Mahomes found Travis Kelce on an eight-yard strike to win the match in overtime.

It ended a spectacular offensive battle. There, the two teams scored 25 points at the end of the game at 1:54. This is a seesaw case that seems to add a new twist to each down.

However, fans and analysts couldn’t help but be dissatisfied with the ending where the chiefs beat the coin toss and scored on the overtime opening drive to finish the game. Josh Allen never touched the ball to bring Bills back after throwing 329 yards and four touchdowns.

This was done before. In 2017, the New England Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit in the Super Bowl, won the match on an overtime opening drive, and season MVP Matt Ryan never touched the ball to redeem it.

It happened again in the 2018 AFC Championship between the Patriots and the Chiefs, and that year’s MVP Mahomes never had the chance to touch the ball in overtime.

Others argue that overtime rules may not be the case good — They are fair and it depends on defense to stop. Of course, in this game, both defenses were shredded by quarterbacks playing at the peak of their position.

There may be changes on the horizon. Last year, Baltimore Ravens proposed a new overtime rule in which one team chooses a spot for the ball and begins an additional period, and the other team decides whether to attack or defend from that spot. did. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, one proposal proposes a rule of sudden death, the first team wins, and another suggests playing 7 minutes and 30 seconds to determine the winner. did.

After the best match ever, with a slightly dissatisfied ending on Sunday, other teams will probably demand a change in the rules.