Chiefs cut RB Thompson, Gore in an early roster move


Kansas City, Missouri (AP) —The Chiefs began trimming their roster to a limit of 53 on Monday’s regular season. Andy Reid may have had the most difficult time of his tenure this year than any other team. Kansas City.

For example, consider an aggressive line. The unit was dominated by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl blunder, forcing General Manager Brettvich to dismantle it and start over.

In fact, by the time the pre-season match began, the lines were so different that three Super Bowl starters were included in the second team’s units.

“That is, it’s getting better every week,” said chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “I think they had a great preseason. It wasn’t a big hit. I think it wasn’t touched at all (Friday). I think it tells them and how they’ve played. They Has done a great job and is getting better every week. “

It wasn’t just the offensive lines that the chief had abundant depth during the training camp.

Among the early cuts on Tuesday were Darwin Thompson and Derrick Gore’s running backs, both of which showed some flashes during the preseason. Thompson is the sixth round pick of 2019, having played 26 games in the last two seasons, and Gore gave a nifty 56-yard touchdown reception when the Chiefs defeated Minnesota to conclude the preseason. I did.

The fact that both have been released means that starter Clyde Edwards Heller, who has dealt with ankle injuries, and long-time concussion backup Darrell Williams prepare for the opening match against Cleveland on September 12. Means you need to.

The chief is also Jerrick McKinnon. Jerrick McKinnon had a good understanding of the playbook after signing as a free agent.

“He’s been doing this for a long time, especially for running backs,” Reed said. “The average lifespan is like three years, so if he’s in it and has been doing it this long, he’ll bring a great experience, and he certainly has the knack for pass games. I’m waiting.”

The Chiefs were not expected to publish a complete list of roster cuts until Tuesday. On Tuesday, all teams will need to reach the 53-person limit for the regular season. However, most of the people looking for work elsewhere were fooled on Monday, and most of them were confirmed by players on social media or their agents.

Darrius Shepherd, Dalton Manor, and Maurice French have released three wide receivers from last season’s Chiefs practice team. So did the aggressive lineman Wyatt Miller. Wyatt Miller suddenly couldn’t break the deep group in advance.

On the other side of the ball, defensive end Demone Harris was released after competing for a roster with Tim Ward throughout the camp. Another defensive end, Austin Edwards, was released with linebacker Omaricob, defensive back Zayne Anderson, and the young safety Devonky Chiefs wanting to sign the practice team.

Some moves can have a significant impact on special teams, who are often the deciding factors for the last few roster spots.

“Sometimes you lose the guy you want to keep,” said Dave Toub, coach of the Chiefs’ special team. Then it’s our job to turn them into good special team players, and that’s how it works. “

On Wednesday, the chief and other NFL teams can start gathering their practice teams.

This means up to 16 players instead of 10, giving the team more chances to sign players who have been in the league for a long time.

“There are several places we ask questions,” Reed said. “But Veach did a great job of bringing great competition, so we have to make some decisions in a particular area. Maybe we keep guys here and there, but he’s good. Being a player, it usually doesn’t stay in an important position and is a bit overloaded. That’s just part of it. “


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