Children need to be “deprogrammed” from the progressive agenda: Craig Kelly MP

According to Craig Kelly MP, leader of the United Australia Party (UAP), education should be reformed to teach children a more positive view of Australian culture and history, undermining traditional values. We are away from the progressive view of aiming for that.

In an extensive interview with Professor Honorary Law Kelly, who resigned from the Liberal Party to join the UAP last year, young Australians said “history is not taught,” the current Minister of Education said, “toxic, left, and The loser’s agenda is given to school children. “

“In general, children need to be taught what great opportunities they have, and what they are better than their fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers … and how much their life expectancy is than 100 years ago. Is it long? “He told Flint in the episode, The Epoch Times website and Rumble When YouTube..

“That’s what happens first. The second is to undo that damage. [former Prime Minister Julia] Gilard did when she was Minister of Health — Melbourne Declaration (pdf), “He said,” It had the three most important themes of sustainability … all the themes were taught through the prism of climate change. “

Kelly said the other two focus areas are indigenous studies and Asia.

“I think the former Prime Minister has done a great deal of damage to our country’s curriculum, not only to learn about its own merits on a particular subject, but to incorporate them all into the curriculum as a whole,” he said. ..

“There is a very strong leftist agenda. I see some of these kids graduating from school and think,” You almost need to cancel the program. “

The composition of the Australian curriculum became a hot topic during 2021.

The proposed curriculum, announced in April, received a great deal of criticism for removing all references to Australia’s democracy and Judaism and Christian heritage.

Federal Minister of Education Alan Tudge has instructed the Australian Curriculum, Evaluation and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to significantly rewrite the draft. Otherwise, it will not be approved.

“The comprehensive impression from the curriculum is that the main characteristics of Western civilization are slavery, imperialism, and colonization,” he wrote in a letter to ACARA obtained by an Australian from News Corp. ..

Kelly praised Tudge’s actions and wanted Tudge to continue to receive full support from the Free State Government. Meanwhile, Kelly also called for a break from federal-controlled education and instead assigned full responsibility to the state.

“They are probably much more decentralized, giving parents the option to see the curriculum they offer,” he said. “Let your parents choose. There will be much more competitive pressure between different regions and states.”

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Daniel Y. Ten