“Children of the Four Dead” in a Shooting at an Office Building in Orange, California

Police officer outside the building in Orange, California, March 31, 2021

Police officer outside the building in Orange, California, March 31, 2021

At least four people, including children, were killed in a shooting in an office building in Southern California, according to US media reports.

Police said he was called to a two-story building on Lincoln Avenue in Orange, southern Los Angeles, around 17:30 local time (GMT 00:30).

According to police, police shot dead and injured the suspect who was taken to the hospital.

The situation is “stabilized” and there is no threat to the public, the statement added.

According to police, the fifth victim is in crisis at the hospital. Few other details about the shooting were released on Wednesday.

“It’s horrifying and heartbreaking,” California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Twitter. “Our heart is with the family affected by this horrific tragedy tonight.”

Lieutenant Jennifer Amat, a spokeswoman for the Orange Police, described the city as “very safe” and “usually quiet.”

The shooting on Wednesday was the most deadly in Orange since 1997, Amat said.

This attack is the third mass shooting in the United States in just over two weeks. On March 16, eight people died in a hot spring in Atlanta, Georgia. On March 22, 10 people were shot dead at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.

President Joe Biden I vowed to take “common sense measures” to crack down on firearmsHe updated his call to ban assault weapons and urged Congress to pass a bill to end the loophole in background checks.