“Children of your children” will be conquered by the “Nazis”


NS The four-hour meeting in San Diego on the obligation of the coronavirus vaccine got hot, and one attendee said the city was opening a “hole in hell.”

Approximately 120 people addressed the San Diego County Oversight Board on Tuesday, and one unidentified attendee called the Nazis, a supporter of vaccination, “as president.”

“You are trying to make a hole in hell,” said the man. “You can’t get vaccination Please attach your passport to us. … once you have power, you will never let it go. “

BIDEN management to deploy a third shot for people vaccinated with Pfizer or Modem COVID-19

“Your children and your children’s children will be conquered,” he shouted into Mike. “They will ask,’How many vaccines did you have? Are you a good little Nazi?’ Hail Forch, Hail Forch, Hail Forch, Hail Forch!”

Many in the crowd can be heard cheering for the man’s solitude.

Other participants delivery A speech in which many disagree with the board about the restrictions and obligations of the coronavirus.

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“What happened in San Diego County over the last year and a half unacceptable“That’s why we’re talking,” said Melissa O’Connor, a member of the identified community.

“I’ve been working fine in the healthcare system without vaccines for the past 18 months, but now suddenly I’m a threat to public health?” The nurse told the board. “What you are doing is that you are causing a medical crisis — we already have a shortage of nurses.”

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Original author: Matthew Miller

Original location: Protesters of coronavirus vaccination call Fauci the “President”: “Children of your children will be conquered by the” Nazis “.”