China as well as Russia is blocking APEC meetings in the United States: diplomatic sources

A diplomatic source told The Epoch Times in an exclusive interview on November 17. report Russia alone claims that it was “suspicious” that only blocked the proposal.

On November 12, Politico disagrees with President Joe Biden’s proposal that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum host the next forum because of “concerns raised by one member state.” Revealed.

However, according to the Epoch Times diplomatic sources, both Russia and China blocked the proposal. According to sources, China wants to be a “driver’s seat” and raises issues such as Taiwan.

According to sources, the United States and China are “competitors.” “China is also financially stronger. I want to bend my muscles. China wants to be the driver’s seat.”

Russia and China were still able to forgive and agree with the United States, which hosts the conference. The consensus of all 21 countries is needed to decide where to hold the APEC meeting.

“Both Russia and China are still’under consideration’for APEC in the United States,” sources said.

Sources do not believe China will take military action against Taiwan. “I don’t know if China is too strong against Taiwan,” he said. “They have a lot to lose.”

The Chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Diplomatic sources did not want to be identified because of possible retaliation.

Biden may still host APEC, sources said. “It will be 2023, so we still have time to make a decision.”

On November 12, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters: [the impasse] It was resolved immediately. “

According to Politico, “Neither Ardan nor the White House have identified which APEC members were blocking the U.S. bid to host the meeting, but two former U.S. officials said the signs were Russia. He said he was pointing out as a suspect. “

“Russia is blocking consensus unless the United States lifts restrictions on travel to the United States for authorized Russians,” said a former Politico source.

“US and Russian officials are expected to meet next week to find ways to move forward,” Politico wrote.

The White House appeared to support reports of Russia as the cause of the obstruction. According to a White House spokesman quoted by Politico, an economy “has not yet joined the consensus.”

The White House did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Russia’s and perhaps China’s resistance to the US proposal to host APEC only raises tensions among the three countries. A diplomatic impasse occurs when Beijing threatens military action against Taiwan and Australia. The latter threat arose when Australia, along with Japan, showed that it would support the United States in military action to protect Taiwan.

Biden has twice shown that the United States is committed to defending Taiwan. For the past five years, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has taken particularly threatening actions against the United States and its allies Japan and the Philippines.

North Korea, an ally of China, is often warlike against Japan and South Korea, another treaty ally of the United States.

In Europe, Russia frequently flies nuclear-capable bombers and fighters. Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown support for Belarus, an ally seeking to use Middle Eastern refugees as a weapon by encouraging illegal immigrants to the European Union via Poland’s increasingly strengthened borders. ..

Anders Corr is a contributor to The Epoch Times.

Anders Core


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