China bans “weak men” from TV in new crackdown


Beijing (AP) — A campaign in which the Chinese government bans feminine men on television, tells broadcasters to promote a “revolutionary culture” on Thursday, strengthens business and social control, and enforces public morals. Was expanded.

Xi Jinping president, business by the Communist Party, education, to strengthen culture, the control of religion, he called for “national rejuvenation”. Businesses and the general public are under increasing pressure to align with their vision for a stronger China and a healthier society.

The party is trying to reduce children’s access to online games and discourage what is considered unhealthy attention to celebrities.

Television regulators said they needed to “resolutely put an end to sissy men and other anomalous aesthetics,” and used the idiom “Nianpao” or literally “girly gun” to insult sissy men. ..

This reflects official concerns that Chinese pop stars, influenced by the sleek and girlish appearance of Korean and Japanese singers and actors, do not encourage young Chinese men to be masculine enough. I am.

Regulators said broadcasters should avoid promoting “vulgar Internet celebrities” or praising wealth or celebrities. Instead, the program should “actively promote good Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture, and advanced socialist culture.”

Xi’s government is also tightening control over China’s Internet industry.

We have launched antitrust, data security and other enforcement measures against oversized and independent companies that the ruling party is concerned about, such as game and social media provider Tencent Holding and e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

Regulations that came into force on Wednesday limit people who play online games less than 18 to 3 hours a week and ban playing school days.

Game developers had to submit a new title for government approval before it was released. Authorities have called on them to add nationalist themes.

The party is also tightening control over celebrities.

Regulators said broadcasters should avoid performers who “violate public order and morals” or “immorally.” Programs for celebrity children are also banned.

On Saturday, microblogging platform Weibo Corp. suspended thousands of accounts for fan clubs and entertainment news.

Popular actress Zhao Wei disappeared from the streaming platform without explanation. Her name has been removed from the credits for movies and TV shows.

Thursday’s order instructed broadcasters to limit payments to performers and avoid contract terms that could help with tax evasion.

Another actress, Zheng Shuang, was fined 299 million yuan ($ 46 million) last week for tax evasion and warned celebrities to become a positive role model.


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