China blocked a third city, affecting 20 million people

Beijing (AP) — With the outbreak of COVID-19, China’s third city has blocked its inhabitants and increased the population trapped in China’s homes to about 20 million.

It was not clear how long the blockade of Anyang, home to 5.5 million people, would last. Every time an outbreak occurred nationwide, extensive testing was carried out and standard procedures were followed.

Restrictions have been imposed on the port city of Tianjin, just one hour from Beijing, where the Winter Olympics will be held from February 4, with an additional 13 million in Xi’An and 1.1 million in Yuzhou. ..

Game official Hwang Chun, who is in charge of disease management, said the organizers are looking forward to the cooperation of athletes and stakeholders to prevent outbreaks that could affect participation.

“In the event of a large number of cluster infections, it will definitely affect the game and schedule. In the worst case, it has nothing to do with human will, so leave the options open. . “

Hong Kong also announced the closure of kindergartens and primary schools after the infection was reported to the students. Schools will be closed by Friday and will remain closed until at least the Lunar New Year holidays in the first week of February.

Hong Kong has recently tightened its pandemic-related restrictions after discovering that Omicron variants have spread beyond those arriving abroad.

The blockade of Anyang followed the confirmation of two cases of Omicron, which are believed to be related to the other two cases found on Saturday in Tianjin on Monday.that is first time Omicron extends beyond mainland China beyond its direct contact with people arriving from abroad.

Residents are not allowed to leave the house, unwanted vehicles are banned from the street, and stores are closed except for those selling essentials, according to a city notice shared by state media late Monday. I have been ordered to do so.

Both Xi’an and Yuzhou are fighting the Delta type, and neither has reported a case of Omicron. In Xi’An, home to the ruins of Terracotta Warriors, computer chips and major aerospace companies, the largest outbreak in recent months has infected about 2,000 people.