China boasts that the U.S. Air Force should be afraid of the new arsenal

The United States should be afraid of China’s growing military power, and Chinese Air Force officials boasted that they were ominously inviting US responders to “in the air” meetings.

NS Severe warning PLA Deputy Air Force Commander Wang Wei clearly responded to last month’s pledge by US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall. Develop a weapon It “frightens China.” Mr Wang said China, which is becoming more and more warlike in the Indo-Pacific region, is deploying its own terrifying weapons.

“If you’re not afraid, see you in the sky,” says the king. Said At a recent air show.

The king’s pride ranged from his own service to the Chinese navy.

“The Chinese Navy has the ability and confidence to ensure national security, maintain integrity, and contribute to world peace,” said the king, who only called Kendal “my counterpart from a major country.” Stated.

What China sees as a defense of territorial integrity represents a real threat to the security of the US military and its Indo-Pacific allies, especially Taiwan.Beijing considers island democracy to be China’s sovereign territory, but the United States and its allies look As that Strategic link In a series of democracy that limits China’s ability to threaten its neighbors.

China tells NATO chiefs that allies should move away from Indo-Pacific

“If you do, I’ve been crazy about China for quite some time, and what that military modernization means for the United States and security,” Kendall said in Defense News last month. “. interview.. “They are moving faster than I expected, so there’s a lot to do.”

The US and European allies are their Deployment Of the Navy in the Indo-Pacific region.And a breakthrough deal offering the United States and the United Kingdom Nuclear submarine technology Includes broader plans to Australia expansion US military presence in Australia.

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“In many cases, bilateral and trilateral relations are faster than trying to build a very large alliance,” British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace said in a forum at the European Center for Policy Analysis on Wednesday. It will be. ” “I think agility gives you an edge, so joining with a more agile country that shares the same threat will actually be part of the future.”

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