China Coast Guard Blocks Philippine Rowing in Disputed Sea

Manila, Philippines (AP) —China’s Coast Guard protests anger against China by blocking and using water cannons on two Philippine supply vessels heading to the disputed shallows occupied by the Philippine Marine Corps in the South China Sea. Triggered a warning from the Philippine government. Manila’s Supreme Diplomat said Thursday that the ship was subject to a mutual defense treaty with the United States.

Philippine Foreign Minister Theodoro Lopecin, Jr., said no one was injured in the incident in the conflict waters on Tuesday, but two supply vessels were sent to the Philippine army occupying the second Thomas Shoal in western Palawan. I had to stop the mission of supplying food. The state of the Philippines’ internationally recognized exclusive economic zone.

Roksin said in a tweet that the actions of the three China Coast Guard vessels were illegal and called for “attention and withdrawal.”

The Philippine government has informed China of “our anger, criticism and protests against the incident,” and President Rodrigo Duterte and his Chinese responders said, “This lack of self-control threatens a special relationship between the Philippines and China. I have. ” , Xi Jinping has worked hard to grow.

There were no immediate comments from Chinese officials in Manila or Beijing.

This incident is the latest rekindling of a long-simmering territorial dispute in a strategic waterway where China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have made overlapping claims.China claimed virtually the entire waterway, turning seven disputed shallows into missile-protected island bases, consolidating claims, increasing tensions, and alerting rival claimants and the U.S.-led western government.

Washington makes no claims to the crowded waterways, but patrols the area with Navy vessels and aircraft to guarantee allies, including the Philippines, and to ensure navigation and air freedom. China has repeatedly warned the United States to stay away from the disputed waters and not to interfere with what it claims to be a regional issue.

President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, are based on the Mutual Defense Treaty between the United States and the United States if the Philippine Army, ships and aircraft are attacked in a long-controversial area. We have repeatedly guaranteed that we will respect our obligations.