China has built a huge 190-foot statue of the god of war that locals don’t like. Now it will cost more than $ 20 million to move a huge work of art.

Chinese warrior god Guan Yu

The statue of Guan Yu, the 180-foot-high Chinese warrior god, is located in Jingzhou, China. Currently, they are being relocated one by one to a distance of 8 km, but the cost of the relocation is a staggering $ 20 million for the government. Weibo

  • Chinese officials are winking at a high $ 20 million cost to move a 190-foot-high statue.

  • In December 2020, an order was issued to relocate a huge monument to the Chinese warrior Guan Yu.

  • The construction cost nearly $ 26 million, but the Chinese government later said it ruined the landscape of the area.

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Relocating a 190-foot-high statue of the Chinese warrior Guan Yu will cost a whopping $ 20 million to Jingzhou, China.

The stunning amount elicited the wrath of the liberated local anti-transplant officials. Statement of sharp words On September 7, we called for increased surveillance when approving a “large-scale project,” as the giant statue was built in 2016.

Guan Yu, a famous warrior from the Three Kingdoms era teeth Worshiped and worshiped in the country as the god of war..

“It’s a waste of over 300 million yuan ($ 46 million). First, it was illegally built and then removed,” local officials said of a statue in the state of Central China in Hubei Province.

This was due to a huge version of the Chinese general Costs about $ 26 million to build In addition, there are areas where city regulations prohibit building heights above 78 feet, but supporters of the statue I managed to twist the regulatory loopholes and turn the construction into a green light.

The statue was touted as the world’s largest general bronze statue in its announcement. South China Morning Post.

But not everyone was a fan. NSChinese central government The statue “has ruined the historical look and culture of Jingzhou,” said the Ministry of Residential, Urban and Rural Development of Jingzhou. I chose to move from the original location of Guan Yu Park Last December. Some residents of the city also complained that the attraction was annoying and told local broadcasters. Sina News “The locals in Jingzhou don’t go there.”

Weibo, a country’s Twitter-like platform, has spread images of the god of war being “decapitated” and workers struggling to get rid of it little by little.Giant statue is shifted to Dianjan ThaiAn unobtrusive tourist area about 5 miles from your current location.

Guan Yu War God Statue

Images posted on Weibo showed that the statues were “beheaded” by workers struggling to remove and move the statues one by one. Weibo

Participated in other leagues during the construction of the Guan Yu statue Mega statue In the country.These ranges are Giant Buddha NS Giant goddess However, Large-scale Chairman Mao Zedong, A full-scale replica of the Egyptian Sphinx, When Mammoth Marilyn Monroe..

Some Chinese cities have not yet given up on the big bronze boom. Last September, Ulanqab, the “City of Potatoes” in China The idea of ​​making a giant potato statue emerged Twice the size of a regular building to celebrate its heritage.

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