China makes history with a successful landing on Mars


China attempts to land a Mars rover this week

NASA’s Perseverance Rover and its small ingenuity helicopter companion have recently stolen most of the science headlines, but they aren’t the only ones ready to mark on Red Planet. China launched a Mars probe mission almost as soon as NASA launched its perseverance, but Chinese spacecraft did not land immediately, but rather on Mars, while waiting for the best time to land. I got into the orbit around me. Now, months after arriving on Mars, the National Space Agency of China is reportedly planning to land Rover on Friday. This mission, called Tianwen-1, is China’s first mission to Mars and is a major one. China decided not only to send rover, orbiter and lander, but all three at the same time. Orbiters that are already orbiting the planet will stay there, and the lander and rover will move towards the planet. After a safe landing, the rover will be deployed and the three science hardware will act as a team to gather information and carry out science. When the orbiter reaches the designated separation point, the capsule containing the lander and rover is released. The capsule must withstand the intense heat generated by friction with the thin atmosphere of Mars, then dump the heat shield to open the parachute, slow down and help land together. Once on the ground, the lander opens and the rover can be kicked out to begin the journey on Mars. Unlike patience, which is designed to last for years on Mars, the Chinese Zhurong Rover is expected to last only 90 days on Mars. During this time, you’ll explore the landing area, study surface material, look for ice, and explore interesting features you’ll encounter, such as rocks and formations. Like other Mars rover, it’s quite possible that China’s blessing will last much longer than 90 sol, but it’s not known until it actually happens. China has been working overtime for the past decade to catch up with the new Space Race. The country has participated in space exploration for a long time, and after seeing the United States and Russia breaking new ground on the Moon and Mars, it finally devoted itself to space research. Recently, China has been rampant. Completed the first successful soft landing on the other side of the moon, collected a sample of the moon and shot it back to Earth, launching the first component of a new space station. The country is clearly in this state for a long time, so it will be interesting to see what new discoveries are being made now that there are new big players exploring the surface of Mars.