China, Russia and 5 other companies blacklist US ownership

Washington (AP) —The United States has China, Russia, and five other countries Annual blacklist Due to the slow enforcement of intellectual property rights that make American companies vulnerable to copyright and trademark infringement.

All seven countries on this year’s list were also on last year’s list.

According to the report, “China remains the largest country of origin for counterfeit and pirated goods.”

The US Trade Representative’s “Priority Watch List” also included Argentina, Chile, India, Indonesia and Venezuela.

The United States has suspended this year’s review of Ukraine while trying to counter the invasion from Russia. This was last year’s blacklist.

The Trade Department has also removed Saudi Arabia from its priority watch list because of crackdowns on counterfeit and pirated goods and the creation of a special Intellectual Property Enforcement Court.

To prepare the list released on Wednesday, the trade office reviewed the performance of more than 100 US trading partners.

U.S. trade representative Katherine Tai said the report identified “missing” countries, and the Biden administration “cooperates with these trading partners to level the competition between workers and businesses.” Said he promised.

Russia said it lacked “sufficient staffing, expertise, and the political will to effectively fight (intellectual property) violations and criminal enterprises.”

In addition to the seven countries on the priority list, another 20 countries have created a “watch list” for the Trade Department. This means that the United States believes that these countries need to strengthen their enforcement of property rights.