China-Russia “Unholy Alliance”: Australian Defense Minister

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton has warned of an “unholy alliance” between China and Russia that threatens Australia and the Indo-Pacific region with catastrophes that have not been seen since World War II.

“We know that since World War II, our country has faced the security environment of the most complex and potentially devastating regions. It is still due to the invasion of the Chinese government. The threat posed is very real and … it’s expanding, “Dutton said on the Congress floor on February 10.

“There was a dishonest alliance between President Putin and the Chinese and Russian governments. The two countries were very open about the relationship.

“I think it should raise great concerns around the world, especially in our own areas,” he said.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and Chinese leader Xi Jinping will take pictures at a conference in Beijing on February 4, 2022. (Alexei Dordinin / Sputnik / AFP via Getty Images)

The comment will be made the day after the boss of ASIO, an Australian espionage agency, warned that foreign countries were about to interfere with the Australian federal elections scheduled by May.

In his annual threat assessment speech on February 9, ASIO Secretary Mike Burgess identified election candidates whose security agencies appear to be flexible or may already be supporting interfering countries. He revealed that he had interfered with the activities of an unknown foreign government to support him.

“We can confirm that ASIO has recently detected and confused foreign intervention plans for the Australian elections,” Burgess said.

He said the candidate politician who was the target of the plot was unaware of the plan.

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Australian Security Intelligence Organization ASIO Secretary Mike Burgess is preparing his annual speech at ASIO Headquarters in Canberra on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. (AAP Image / Mick Tsikas)

Burgess also revealed that ASIO has detected other foreign interference attempts at all government levels and all states and territories in Australia.

In a revelation, Dutton claimed during a question time in parliament on Thursday that foreign powers were in the Chinese government and “chosen” National Labor leader Anthony Albanese as the prime minister’s “candidate.”

Opposition business manager Tony Burke MP said, “People are actually rebellious, instigated, or national security.”

Mr. Dutton made no claims to Albanese, but said it reflected “publicly reported” comments and “Chinese government actions” by ASIO boss Burgess.

“That’s the context I commented on, and it’s perfectly fine,” he said. “It may be unpleasant for the opposite person.”

Hours after making these statements, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation published an article citing an anonymous “problem-savvy source” claiming that Russia was behind the plot.

Dutton’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether foreign powers upheld his claim of being a Chinese government.

“Friendly” allies strengthen the alliance

During a stay in Australia by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a fierce congressional debate broke out while meeting with Australian, Indian and Japanese counterparts in a Japan-US-Australia-India strategic dialogue called Quad.

Quad has sought to counter China’s war and ambitions in the Indo-Pacific region and to ensure a free and open rule-based international order with like-minded liberal democracy.

Dutton cites the quad as an example of the Morrison government’s “very close cooperation with partners” and many countries, including Europe and North America, are worried about what is happening in the Indo-Pacific. I have. “

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will speak and listen when introduced to greet at an Australian conference in Melbourne, Australia on February 10, 2022. (Kevin Lamarck / Pool / AFP via Ketti Images)

“This government has invested more in our defenses and to keep our country safe for the future. Workers at the time they last came to power have the money to fund defense. We cut it to the point of breaking, so we did it from an incredibly low base. That’s the reality, “Dutton said.

“They want to pretend that there is somehow no difference between the two parties when it comes to protecting our country in the next decade and the next decade. There should be no. “

Mr Dutton said that few people are “unprepared” to put themselves in front of them as prime minister candidates “on national security issues.”

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese’s office did not respond to requests for comment on issues related to national security and geopolitical tensions in the Indo-Pacific.

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