China sends 19 fighters to Taiwan in a military show of force


Taipei, Taiwan (AP) —China will launch 19 fighters to Taiwan on Thursday after the autonomous island has announced its intention to join the Pacific trade groups of 11 countries that China has also applied for. I sent it by force.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said in a statement that it had deployed air patrols in response to Chinese jets and tracked their air defense systems.

Some of the various jets flew long L-shaped paths, including 12 J-16s and 2 J-11s, bombers and anti-submarines.

China has been sending fighters to Taiwan almost every day for the past year. It intensified military harassment of the autonomous islands and sent a large exhibition of fighters after political events that they considered hampering sovereignty.

Although Taiwan and China split during the 1949 civil war, China continues to claim Taiwan as part of its territory. Beijing opposes Taiwan’s involvement in international organizations.

Taiwan announces it on thursday Application for participation A comprehensive and progressive agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership raises another potential conflict with Beijing.

Chinese troops sent 18 planes to Taiwan last year when top US diplomats visited Taiwan and met with senior government officials. In June, leaders of a group of seven industrialized nations sent 28 fighters after issuing a statement calling for a peaceful solution to the problem across the Taiwan Strait.