China sends bombers and fighters to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone


Taiwan, Taipei — China sent 19 military aircraft to Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on September 5, continuing its aggressive stance on the autonomous islands and scrambling jets accordingly. The case has raised concerns from both current and former US officials.

The invasion included 10 J-16 multirole fighters, 4 SU-30 fighters, 4 H-6 bombers, and 1 Y-8 anti-submarine. according to Ministry of Defense of Taiwan. In response, Taiwan scrambled its military aircraft to monitor Chinese aircraft and deployed missile systems to monitor Chinese jets.

It was the third consecutive day that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) decided to fly an aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. China sent four military planes each two days before Sunday. The last major intrusion occurred in Beijing on June 15. Flyed 28 military aircraft To ADIZ on the island.

ADIZ is a publicly declared area adjacent to the state’s airspace, and approaching foreign aircraft must be ready to submit their ID and location. The area gives the state time to determine the nature of the aircraft arriving and take defensive measures as needed.

The Chinese administration has made similar invasions over the past year to intimidate Taiwan’s democratic government and force Taiwanese to accept the rules of the Chinese Communist Party.

Beijing’s vigilance against Taiwan was evident in an article published by China’s hawkish state media, Global Times. The article argued that the latest aircraft invasion, called a “routine drill,” showed the Chinese army’s “overwhelming advantage” over the Taiwanese army.

As a result, the article argued that such a “power gap” between the two would allow Beijing’s Chinese Communist Party members to protect “territorial integrity, even if foreign troops interfere.”

Beijing seeks to impose its rules on Taiwan through either war or other means of undermining the island’s democracy, as the administration considers the island part of its territory. As a de facto independent country, Taiwan has diplomatic relations with 15 countries and maintains informal relations with other countries, including Japan and the United States.

“The United States must always confront Taiwan for freedom.” I have written Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Twitter in response to a recent invasion.

Senator Bill Hagerty (Republican) twitter“We must put pressure on Biden’s managers to take a stronger stance to prevent foreign aggression,” the US Senate said.

“Communist China and other adversaries will continue to investigate the determination of the United States and our allies after Biden’s blunder in Afghanistan,” he added.

In March, Hagati told the Epoch Times sister company NTD that the United States could not “retreat” China under the Biden administration. “China has been aggressive and predatory for many years from a military, diplomatic, and economic standpoint,” he added.

Beijing cultivated anti-American propaganda by taking advantage of the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan with the intention of undermining US leadership around the world. The Global Times mouthpiece has published a number of articles claiming that the United States will “abandon” Taiwan in the same way as Afghanistan.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to Taiwan at a briefing on August 17. She said: Promotion. “

Washington ended diplomatic relations with Taipei in 1979 in favor of Beijing, but maintains strong relations with the island under the Taiwan Relations Act (“TRA). The law allows the United States to provide the island with military equipment for self-defense.

Tsai Si-in, a member of Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party, told local media on Monday that the recent invasion showed the importance of increasing the island’s military budget to strengthen the island’s self-defense.

Former United States Ambassador to the Trump administration, Kelly Craft, recently criticized the CCP for “abusing the deaths of US military personnel and women and Afghan citizens” for its commitment to Taiwan.

“Shame them. Their shame for using the lives of brave men and women as a propaganda. I’m here to assure them. [CCP] mistaken. I am here to assure you of my belief in the United States’ firm commitment to Taiwan’s defense, “Kelly said.

She spoke at the Annual Ketagalan Forum: Asia-Pacific Security Dialogue on August 31st. eventVirtually held this year, was co-sponsored by a Taiwanese think tank and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Without Taiwan, we would lose the Pacific. After all, we are a Pacific country and we cannot afford to give up our destiny to Communist China,” Kraft added.

“When Taiwan is lost, so are we.”

On August 16, President Joe Biden said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan would allow the US to focus on more pressing issues, including the Communist Party’s deal with China.

“Our true strategic competitors, China and Russia, want nothing but the United States to continue to devote billions of dollars and resources and attention to stabilizing Afghanistan indefinitely. “Biden said.

Frank Fang

Frank Fang is a Taiwan-based journalist. He covers news in China and Taiwan. He holds a master’s degree in materials science from Tsinghua University in Taiwan.