China stole enough data to edit all American “dossiers”


NSFormer President Donald Trump’s national security officials have warned of illegal tracking of Chinese data by cyber theft and other means. In one warning, sensitive information is sufficient to bring together the “docsier” of all American adults.

Former Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger, warning During the Senate Information Committee Hearing On Wednesday, China was considering using data stolen from the United States and around the world to influence and enforce everyone, from political leaders to civilians.

“Collecting documents for people has always been a hallmark of the Leninist regime, but the penetration of Beijing’s digital networks around the world, including the use of 5G networks … has taken this to a truly new level.” Pottinger said. “Therefore, the party is now editing documents about millions of foreigners around the world and using the materials it collects to influence, target, threaten, reward, blackmail, and flatter. Say, humiliate, and finally divide and rule. “

“Beijing’s sensitive data was just stolen and documents all American adults and many children playing fair games under the rules of Beijing’s political war,” Pottinger added. Enough for. “

Last month, the United States and its allies Blame China’s Department of Homeland Security against large-scale hacks against Microsoft. The Justice Department has also prosecuted members of Chinese intelligence for another global espionage campaign.

TRUMP DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER warns about CCP disinformation about COVID-19

U.S. did not impose sanctions on China Like we did to Russian intelligence hackers in SolarWinds hacks earlier this year. However, the White House said it had expressed concern to senior Chinese officials about “China’s broader malicious cyber activity.”

Also provided by William Evanina, director of Trump’s Office of the National Counterintelligence Security Center testimony Wednesday, Fight “The threat of existence that our country faces from the Chinese Communist Party is the most complex, harmful, strategic and aggressive that our country has ever faced.”

Evanina warned that China’s efforts “promote a comprehensive national approach to investing, leveraging, penetrating, impacting and stealing from every corner of US success” and “80% of all US adults It is estimated that you have personal data stolen by CCP and the remaining 20% ​​of personal data. “

He pointed out “China and its intelligence agencies’ willingness to obtain data illegally and legally to promote artificial intelligence, R & D programs and promote military and economic goals.” We are worried that cyber and insider threat breaches and such levels of criminality may become insensitive when identified. “

Attorney General William Barr at the time in early 2020 Announcement The indictment of four members of the Chinese military for their role in the 2017 Equifax hack, which compromised the sensitive personal data of approximately 145 million people in the United States, pointed to a previous 2014 Chinese hack. Personnel management roomAs a result, data from at least 21 million people has been stolen, and more recently MarriottSteals data from an estimated 500 million guests worldwide, Anthem Health, Chinese hackers stole data from 80 million people.

Last August, John Demars, a former Deputy Prosecutor of the National Security Agency and head of the Justice Ministry’s China initiative, said: Discussed Playing cards 2020 Executive order The Trump administration’s current ban on Beijing-based ByteDance’s popular video-sharing social media app TikTok and Shenzhen-based Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat in relation to China-owned apps. Explain the reason for the failed effort Global conglomerate Tencent.

Demers states that the app “is actually causing the problem that TikTok best presents.” This is “the amount of data we collect in our lives.” Justice ministry officials pointed out China’s history of “targeted acquisitions” of companies that may be “traditionally unthinkable” as a national security risk, which China gets the data Useful for.

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Pottinger also warned of China’s broader so-called United Front efforts affecting the United States. The United Front is a large-scale effort by the Chinese government as a whole to spread propaganda and influence decision makers and individuals around the world, recruiting and stealing scientists from a thousand talent programs in China. Comprehensive technology for Confucius Institute on campus.

“I don’t think we fully understand one of the most threatening elements of China’s strategy, to Americans, including political, business and scientific leaders who serve Beijing’s ambitions. It’s a way to influence and try to force, “Pottinger said. “One of the most important elements of Beijing’s political war is the activity of the so-called United Front. Therefore, United Frontwork is a vast range of activities that have nothing similar to China’s democracy … CCP’s 95 million. All members of a person need to participate in a system with many different branches. The United Front, which is just one branch, has three times as many executives as the US State Department, but instead of practicing diplomacy, The United Front collects information on work that affects not only the government but also civilians. Foreign officials focused on foreign elites and the businesses they run. “

Xi Jinping Jintao of China Called The United Front acts as a “magic weapon” to bring about “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

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