China withdraws pledge not to send troops to Taiwan if under China’s control

Official documents released recently show that the Chinese government is no longer keeping its promises not to send troops or officials to Taiwan.

China expressed its position in the latest white paper titled “Taiwan Issue and China’s Reunification in the New Era”. less autonomy If China controls the island, to Taiwan.

The updated white paper deleted lines guaranteeing Taiwan’s autonomy in two previous documents published in 1993 and 2000. In both versions, Beijing promised “not to send Taiwan-based military or administrative personnel” after achieving its then-goals. claim to be “unified”.

Instead, the paper now presents the state under Chinese rule under the “one country, two systems” model, the same system that Hong Kong was placed in after Britain returned Hong Kong to Chinese rule in 1997. I suggest going back.

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The “one country, two systems” model is meant to give Taiwan a degree of autonomy, but most of the country’s major political parties reject it. Public opinion polls show that it also lacks public support.

China’s latest opinion also removes a line from the 2000 edition that said, “Anything can be negotiated,” as long as Taiwan adheres to its “only China” motto and does not seek independence.

The updated papers came after China said its forces had “completed various missions” around Taiwan but said they would continue. conduct regular patrols within the area.

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Taiwan’s Mainland China Affairs Council condemned the paper, “Full of wishful thinking lies and ignoring the facts”

“Only Taiwan’s 23 million people have the right to decide Taiwan’s future, and they will never accept the consequences set by the dictatorship,” the council said.

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