China’s hypersonic missile data analyzed as a flaw in Chinese rocket scientists

British media recently revealed that Chinese rocket scientists have been exiled to the west.

Information related to aerospace engineer flaws was first published by Daily Express in the January 23 article, “Global Tensions Increase as Chinese Rocket Scientists Put Out Defects in the West.”

Chinese citizens working for the National Aviation Industry Corps decided to contact the British intelligence agency in Hong Kong in September 2021 and then fled to the United States with their families. With the help of MI6, a foreign intelligence agency in the United Kingdom.

Scientists have identified multiple hypersonic weapons, including a hypersonic boost-glide vehicle capable of carrying DF-17 missiles up to a range of up to 2,000 miles and a hypersonic missile delivery system capable of attacking any target. It is said that he participated in the project. Earth. “

According to the article’s anonymous intelligence agency, the amount of data disclosed by this scientist puts both the United Kingdom and the United States in positions they did not expect, and China “to invalidate this intelligence activity. It will take about two years, “said the engineer, who played an important role in the development of supersonic weapons in China.

Reliability of CCP hypersonic missiles

Contrary to this opinion, Xia Luoshan, a Canadian-based military expert and military columnist in the Chinese version of The Epoch Times, believes that CCPs are not very advantageous in military technology, and estrangement is simply Increasing problems within the CCP system, which are some of the signs.

“It’s embarrassing for the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. “But I think it’s a more subjective statement that the United States will find great progress in the information provided by fleeing rocket scientists.”

“Similar to Soviet pilot Viktor Belenko’s asylum on a MiG-25P aircraft in the 1970s, it provides an opportunity for Western experts to investigate and verify how true CCP’s self-proclaimed military capabilities are. It’s likely. “

In addition, Xia questioned the threat of hypersonic missiles developed by the CCP. Last October, he analyzed the Financial Times report on the topic of hypersonic missile tests conducted near the South China Sea. Similarly, the report cited anonymous sources boasting about China’s technological advances and its threatening consequences in this nuclear response missile.

Xia emphasizes that the conclusions drawn on testing hypersonic missiles are difficult to trust due to the abundance of anonymous sources and lack of details such as the location of impacts and the type of target. did.

Xia said his analysis last year fits nicely into the news of recent flaws.

“Sure, the US military shouldn’t underestimate the enemy’s capabilities, and can even understand that they are strategically exaggerated,” he added. And more observation will be needed. “

More scientists with flaws

Chen Pokong, a well-known Chinese political commentator based in the United States, emphasized some of the irregularities in the reasons cited as the reason for the asylum of men.

Chen said in a January 27 video on the Youtube channel why the Daily Express was so “personalized and simple” in asylum just to protect scientists and their relatives from CCP retaliation. Said gave. Mr Chen believes that the real reason is very likely that he really wanted to get out of the Chinese Communist Party.

“In the future, more Chinese scientists, especially missile and military experts, could go into exile in the West,” he concluded.

Jessica Mao


Jessica Mao is a writer of The Epoch Times, focusing on topics related to China. She started writing her Chinese version in 2009.