China’s support for Russia’s aggression would be considered abominable: Australian Prime Minister

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned that Western nations would consider military assistance from China to Russia during the Ukrainian conflict abominable.

Morrison said Beijing’s “chilling” silence against the aggression disturbed him from the beginning, saying he would send a “terrible message.”

“I think the relationship between China and Russia really lacks transparency.

“Currently, when other countries in the world are imposing sanctions on Russia and trying to impose high prices on their violent and aggressive behavior, China is actually restricting Russia’s trade in, for example, wheat. And relaxed trade measures, “Morison said. ..

Noting that other liberal democracies share Australia’s concerns, Morrison called on China to be transparent about its relations with Russia.

“Do you think it is very important for China to be very transparent about its relations with Russia?

“What is their relationship with Russia when it comes to throwing them an economic lifeline during this global crisis?

“And potentially, what if some kind of support was discussed for military support from Russia? It would be abominable,” Morrison said.

Australian Prime Minister Morrison speaks to the media at a press conference at Sydney's Kirribilli House
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media at a press conference at Kirribilli House in Sydney, Australia, on February 24, 2022. (AAPImage / Bianca De Marchi via Reuters)

Morrison also said the Australian Government will act in step with partners and allies on these issues.

This is the second time in just over a week that Australian leaders have called on Beijing for lack of response to ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe.

Speak in Lowy Institute March 7, Morrison I’m deeply concerned About the similarities he saw between the Indo-Pacific dictatorship and the Russian authorities.

“When I talked to President Putin and other leaders who discussed these issues, I felt very chilly. They were about Russia’s nationalist aspirations and their legitimacy. I’ve been taking a fairly long lecture, “Morison said. ..

“It has a cool response in a lecture similar to what I’m receiving about the situation in the Indo-Pacific and what people claim to be theirs,” he said.

Mr Morrison said China is hypocritically acting against Russia’s attack on Ukraine, with Beijing in the big powers, while relaxing wheat regulations and helping Russia avoid blaming its actions. He pointed out that claiming to be is dishonest.

The Prime Minister also said that the partnership was driven by convenience, not strategy.

“China and Russia have a pretty interesting history of involvement. I don’t think anything has changed about that.

“But there seems to be some consistency in the world order they like with what has been done since the end of World War II.

“And we’ve seen it unfold for a long time, so I think there was a convenient companion trip. I think that’s the way I explain it,” he says. I did.

Epoch Times Photo
Residents will evacuate from the city of Irpin, north of Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 10, 2022. (Aris Messinis / AFP via Getty Images)

His comments come as a media outlet Reuters When Financial Times He quoted an unnamed US official in a report that Russia demanded military and financial aid for the war from China and that the Chinese government was willing to respond to the request.

Both China and Russia have denied the claim.

But at a briefing on Monday, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said he would face “significant consequences” if China assisted Russia in the war with Ukraine.

“I’m not going to get into any particular result,” Pusaki said. “What we have told you, and what the National Security Adviser has told us at this conference, is, of course, significant if we provide military or other support that violates sanctions or supports war effort. I think the results will come. “

According to China’s official data on March 7, China’s trade volume with Russia has increased, and bilateral trade with Russia has increased by 38.5% year-on-year, the first two since 2010. The highest percentage of the month.Over $ 26 billion, according to South China Morning Post..

In addition, exports to Russia were up 41.5% year-on-year to $ 12.6 billion, outpacing growth in other countries, and imports from Russia were up 35.8%, customs data show.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press said on March 8 that China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, said the relationship between China and Moscow was an iron wall and one of China’s “most important bilateral relations in the world.” Reported.

Victoria Kelly Clark


Victoria Kelly-Clark is an Australian-based reporter focusing on the national political and geopolitical environment of the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Central Asia.