China’s Xi tells Macron, Merkel wants to expand cooperation with Europe

Beijing – China’s leader Xi Jinping Monday in France of Emmanuel macron President and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, said that China and Europe is hoping to expand cooperation in order to correspond better to the global challenge It was.

In a three-way video call, according to CCTV, Xi also expressed hope that Europeans could play a more active role in international affairs.

Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed that the three leaders had exchanged views on relations between the European Union and China.

“They also discussed international trade, climate protection and biodiversity,” her office added in a statement.

“The conversation also revolved around COVID-19’s pandemic, global vaccine supply, and cooperation in the fight against international and regional issues.”

In May, the European Parliament suspended ratification of a new investment agreement with China until Beijing lifted sanctions on EU politicians, deepened controversy over Central European relations and refused to allow EU companies to gain access to China. Did.

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